Hidden Cameras At Universal Catch Guests Removing Masks 

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Visiting any theme park in 2020 has become a whole new ballgame for guests amid the pandemic. In Orlando, Florida, masks are mandatory at all of the theme parks to abide by the health and safety guidelines set out by the State. Walking around mask free in the Florida heat may be tempting, but if you decide to try, get ready for a cast or team member to tell you you must put it back on.

From what we have seen, both Universal Resort and Walt Disney World employees have done a great job reminding guests that they must be properly masked at all times. But, it seems that some guests have been starting to remove their masks on indoor attractions.

Where are the masks coming off?

Connecting both Universal Studios theme park and Universal’s Islands of Adventure is the Hogwarts Express. If you have never ridden this attraction, it is a transportation attraction that puts you in the shoes of Harry Potter heading back to Hogwarts. The isolated cabin that you sit in with your party is a closed-door experience, and it seems guests have been removing their masks while inside.

This is against Universal’s policy, and it looks like they have decided to do something about it…

Hidden Cameras

Yesterday, a discussion sparked on Twitter where guests began acknowledging that they have all been told they “are being watched” while on the Hogwarts Express. We know the world of Harry Potter is a magical one, but good luck trying to find those cameras!

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Hogwarts Express
Credit: AliciaStella

New signage has also been placed within the attraction to let you know you are under surveillance. And just because you can’t see the cameras doesn’t mean they are not there. The mirror right above the pictured sign has *hidden* cameras within it. The sorcery is REAL people!

So if you don’t want to have a talking to after your get of the train, make sure you follow the rules while at the Universal Orlando Resort and keep that mask on!

Crowd Levels

It seems that the heavier push for masks at Universal through signs may be a result of the increasing crowd levels the parks are attracting. Without a reservation system like Disney, Universal park-goers can just wake up in the morning a head to the parks if they want. That’s a luxury these days. But because of this, even at reduced capacity, weekends tend to see some very busy crowds. The team members are great at enforcing the mask rule, but they can’t always be everywhere.

Solution? Hidden cameras of course.

And we just can’t help but feel a little like Mike…


Have you noticed these camera’s on the Hogwarts Express? Let us know! 

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