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  1. Cindy caine

    For team member support as a team member: hidden cameras are everywhere common sense people! Just bc its universal and not disney (btw above main street theres mini jail at mk my friend shoplifted didnt think she got caught sent to mini holding jail finger printed pictured escorted out to sheriff no longer aloud into wdw) doesnt mean you not being watched!!!!
    On support of guest bc i am being nice:
    My fellow tm and a few friends have been told to separate folks into the cars at best to one family party each so your w your family why the mask??? Some folks at universal i have worked w believe heck i wrk at universal not wdw i dont have to smile all day long but you still must do your job…. yelling at guests all day long is not it! Yes its covid yes theres been covered up outbreaks at universal but that does not mean or give anyone the right to disrespect guests! To the point you have to go look up see the mirror i can see you i mean what you going to do come after em and kick em out???? Well then your going to kick half the folks i see taking breathing breaks out too! I am sorry my job is to make sure guests have a great experience not do mask reminders every other second!

    1. Random Zebra

      Your job is to do what your employer instructs you to do. If you do not agree, you are always welcome to resign.

      1. Ahnsael

        Or they can speak up and try to make the job better. My last reply was in jest, but this one is serious. If you are in a job that you like to do, and your employer has policies that you don’t like, you talk to your employer and try to make it better. And either they agree, or THEN you agree to part ways.

        Although, in this case, I think you are right, Random Zebra. Making guests happy is a truly great thing to want to do, but in the midst of a pandemic, sometimes we (I also work in the guest service industry where my main goal is to keep people happy) have to put our foot down. Whoever coined the phrase “the customer is always right” was an idiot. And no matter how much one has a desire to make people happy (which is a noble and laudable goal), there comes a time to be the jerk who puts people in their place or throws them out or even goes as far as a trespass notice. Granted, I am in management, so the OP may not have that authority, but I do.

        When people don’t follow directions, ESPECIALLY when they are mandated by government (and in my state, we can be fined up to $250,000 PER PERSON whose mask doesn’t cover their mouth AND nose), it;’s on me to correct it — I start by asking nicely, but I’m not above kicking someone out if they won’t comply. And if they won’t leave at my request? I write up a trespass notice and call law enforcement to escort them out,

        Yes, it makes me the a-hole, but I’d rather be an a-hole while protecting our other guests’ health than to become a hot spot for the virus.

      2. cindy caine

        i work here for many yrs and deal w every kind of employee these are a class act that tread on doing your job and doing it w incompetence that i fire!

    2. Ahnsael

      How high above Main Street is the mini jail? I’ve looked a little way up, and a LONG WAY up, and have never seen it.

      1. mark

        Do you see the tunnels??? My point exactly!
        Besides to karen the zebra we can do our job all we want but there is the right way and the dumb*** way that can still get you fired telling folks whom clearly needed a few min breather theres are cameras multi times is annoying and harping on offensive towards guests complaint! I agree w cindy!

  2. Michelle Anderson

    Cameras caught Nancy Pelosi not wearing her mask at a hair salon in San Francisco. The single mom who owns the place was furious Pelosi could get her hair done while she can’t make money there to support her family. Nancy was not even getting a haircut, but a wash and blow dry. All salon work is prohibited inside. Nancy said she didn’t know the rules for her own city. I guess Nancy didn’t realize like the people in this article that they were being watched. The rules and her beloved demands for strict obedience to Dr. Fauci’s all-knowing perfect science don’t apparently apply to her. Fauci was also caught not wearing his mask at a ball game.

    1. Chris

      The state actually just started allowing indoor salon work again, but masks are required. Of course Pelosi thinks she is above the law no matter what. Now in San Francisco, my understanding is that while you can’t be arrested for shoplifting up to about $950 of merchandise, you are supposed to get arrested for not wearing a mask, so why wasn’t she arrested?

  3. Anonymous

    The cameras are not in the mirror. They are in the center of the ceiling. It’s an expensive piece of equipment the size of a pencil.

    1. Unknown

      Yeah, if you go in the cabin and sit down, immediately look up, you will see a circular dot in the cabin on the ceiling. Just looks like where a bolt would screw in, but in fact it’s a camera. I’ve always found it very uncomfortable that there is no signage for a private cabin to let those know don’t be stupid. But what if a mother is breastfeeding with her family because she thinks it’s in a private space? People should be aware if they are being watched, on a ride it’s given, but something like a small train ride in your own personal cabin is different. Especially for people out of country who use this as a common form of transportation.

    2. cindy caine

      yes they are depends on the car!

  4. Carol

    Whoever wrote this article needs to learn the art of proofreading, or at least learn how to click spellcheck!

  5. Jack

    Good. I wish Universal did a better job of enforcing the mask rule throughout the parks.

    1. We were there second week of August and they were on point with everything. Masks, social distancing, hand sanitizer, 1 party per cart/ride..

    2. Natasha

      If you’re so afraid of sniffles 19 loser than just stay home! No ones forcing you to go out into public if you’re so afraid of this over inflated virus that has a 98% survival rate! It’s not the bubonic plague! Go hide in your mommy’s basement loser and never come out!

  6. Melissa

    Last time we were there the couple in the room next to us tried to get it on and all you hear is the team member running down the hall banging on the door yelling your under surveillance, please stop your being recorded. My boyfriend and I could not stop laughing.

  7. Beverly

    Definitely on camera my daughter and her friend were riding and the friend laid down and bang someone was there telling them no laying down on the cabin seat… And a reminder to keep masks on…

  8. prince charming

    Remember Big Brother is watching you for your own good!

  9. Nayaugpark.

    I’m glad the country is busy releasing convicted felons so these horrible threats to society have places available to lock then up in. Need to dress the workers in brown military suits so they are taken more seriously. These people act like they’re out for a fun day at an amusement park they just paid 500 dollars to get the family into. Disgusting.

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