The El Capitan Theatre Releases New Mulan Specialty Concessions To Go

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Specialty Mulan Concessions at The El Capitan Theatre

credit: El Capitan Theatre

The El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood is unable to release the upcoming live-action Mulan film to audiences, however, they have announced the release of specialty Mulan concessions for all to enjoy!

The highly anticipated live-action Mulan film will soon be available to stream on Disney+. The film had a number of set backs when it came to its official release date due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of it all, the famous El Capitan Theatre in Los Angeles has come up with a way for fans to still enjoy their specialty concessions without any health risk.

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The El Capitan Theatre Concessions To Go

The famous Hollywood theatre is offering movie fans a chance to grab their favorite concessions for a movie night at home. Guests select from “Concessions Only” or “Pins & Concessions” depending on what you would like to take home. Then, guests will choose an available and convenient pick-up time. Movie fans visiting the Los Angeles area can order their concessions right from the El Capitan website and pay online as well. When you arrive, you will be able to park in a special “ONLINE ORDER PICK-UP” parking space. Once parked, just call the theatre at (213)910-5739 and a Cast Member will bring your order directly to you!

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Live-Action Mulan
credit: Disney

What “Mulan” Specialty Items Are Available?

  • Mulan Popcorn Tin (130oz.)- $7.50
  • Mulan Popcorn Tub (170oz.)- $6.00
  • Mulan Souvenir Cup (44oz.)- $4.00
  • Mulan Kids Pack- $5.00
  • Mulan Popcorn Tub (64oz.)- $3.00

Also Available

  • Mulan Reflections Bundle ($30): Includes 2 Popcorn Tubs, 2 Drinks of choice, 1 Mulan Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 1 Mulan Cap, and 1 Mulan  Mirror with Case
  • Mulan Marquee- LE 400 Pin ($25.95)
  • Mulan Dragon Pin- LE 400 ($19.95)
  • Guiding Spirit- LE 200 ($25.95)
  • Pin Trader Delight Combo ($16.50): Includes tub of popcorn, ICEE, choice between 3 pins


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This is a great opportunity if you are in the Los Angeles area to snag some limited edition and specialty Mulan items for your Disney+ movie night!



Will you be grabbing some Concessions To Go at the El Capitan Theatre? Let us know in the comments!

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