Mickey Mouse Helps Kids Get #ReadyforPreschool

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Disney Junior just came out with a new teaching method to help teach preschoolers in order to get them ready to learn. Disney Junior says that they will provide new lessons each week to “have fun learning at home!”

The first video that they just posted on their Instagram Page is about learning the shapes with Mickey Mouse.

This catchy song and crayon-style animation brings a sense of excitement for younger children to learn the shapes in Mickey’s world. Disney Junior states that they “are here to help your kids get #ReadyforPreschool.”


This simple video takes you along on a ride with Mickey Mouse as he travels through his world to point out the simple shapes that he sees while driving his car, taking care of his house, and riding a rocket through space.

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Preparing children for school can be a hard task to tackle as you have to prepare them with some teachings, but with Disney Junior and Disney taking a step to help Preschoolers in a fun and interactive way should help them learn in a memorable way.

Credit: Disney Junior

Disney Junior also has shared an activity PDF called “Sort Shapes with Mickey” which has your child find matching shaped items around your house. And while your younger children do that activity, you can have your older children and adults follow along with these tutorial videos on how to draw Disney Characters!

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Credit: Disney

Preschool is the first step on a road of education that Disney Junior wants to help with as one day preschoolers will be graduating high school.

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It’s nice to see that Disney and Disney Junior are providing these simple activities and videos each week on Instagram as it will give children something to look forward to! If you’re in a hurry to watch all of the #ReadyforPreschool videos, you can access them on DisneyNow, Youtube, or on Apple TV.

Will you be using these activities with your preschoolers and preschoolers-to-be? What do you want to see Disney Junior teach Preschoolers? What kind of activities would you do with your children? Tell us in the comments!

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