Star Wars Fans Need To See ‘Pirates’ with Lightsabers

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pirates with lightsabers

Three things that almost everyone agrees are awesome; Star Wars, lightsabers, and Pirates of the Caribbean. Some very clever people have blended these iconic elements together to recut the Pirates of the Caribbean films into ‘Pirates with lightsabers‘.

If – like me – you dreamed of being both a pirate and a Jedi Knight (or Sith Lord, we don’t judge) as a kid, you’ve got to check out the below edits.

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Pirates with lightsabers combine science fiction with fantasy

The folks at Immersion VFX have done a top job turning these salty Pirates into Jedi and Sith masters. The transformation of the sword into a lightsaber is perfect, giving Jack, Davy Jones, and the other characters a more elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

We also love the little details that will have any Star Wars fan squealing with joy. Turning the cannon fire of the Black Pearl and the Flying Dutchman into blaster rifle fire is amazing, and each ship is given a real steampunk look that makes the battle even cooler.

The red lightsaber certainly suits Jones’ cronies, but we’re not certain he should be wielding a Jedi Master‘s green blade! Maybe he stole the Kyber crystal from a battle with a Jedi, like fellow dark side user, General Grievous.

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Pirates of the Caribbean is 10 times cooler with Lucasfilm‘s iconic weapon

Another take on the ‘Pirates with lightsabers‘ mashup sees the iconic first meeting of Captain Jack Sparrow and William Turner take a sci-fi inspired twist. This one comes from YouTuber Rovert Sitalaped. 

Will is clearly the Padawan here with his blue lightsaber and fancy footwork. Let’s just hope that a bunch of battle droids – or the English cavalry! – aren’t on their way to interrupt the fight.

Well, I know what I’m doing the next time I go to Galaxy‘s Edge. I’ll be building my own lightsaber while dressed in a pirate costume for the coolest mash-up in movie history!

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