‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Turns Back on ‘Toxic Fans’

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John Boyega

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Star Wars star John Boyega has finally had enough with what he calls “toxic” fans.

The actor who brought Finn to life in the Skywalker Saga’s prequel trilogy has often clashed with fans over social media. But recently, he made it clear he was done.

Boyega took to Twitter on the night of August 21 saying, “Toxic Star Wars fans still find their way to my mentions. Lord. Must I be blunt? I don’t f*ck with you no more.” He followed up with another Tweet, “Lord waited so long to tell the toxic fans to fack off.”

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This is not the first time that “toxic” Star Wars fans have sparked a direct reaction from the cast. Back in January, Boyega delivered a direct response to all of the hate he received in a video he posted to Instagram and Twitter.

Fans also went after Boyega’s co-star, Kelly Marie Tran after the release of The Last Jedi. The backlash from fans was so intense against her character, Rose Tico, that Tran was bullied completely off social media and had to go to therapy.

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The fans’ replied to Boyega’s comments over the weekend rushing to show their support from a variety of perspectives, mostly attacking other aspects of the trilogy.

@thecraigmorris wrote back “For the kids that grew up with your trilogy, that’s their Star Wars. You’re their hero. The incel adults weren’t able to take the prequels away from a new generation and they won’t be able to do it this time either.”

Another, @JesseKYoung1, said “Those Star Wars that you find toxic to your series of Star Wars were actually rooting for you, my friend. We knew that you were a better actor for which you were used, and that your character’s potential was vastly lost. Don’t be so quick to judge. Favorable journeys ahead.”

Another, @priceoreason, wrote “For whatever it’s worth, the real Star Wars Fandom thinks you were one of the brightest spots in the sequel trilogy. You were great in Force Awakens but they wrote your character into the ground in TLJ and TROS. It’s a shame because Finn had the most interesting backstory.”

As of now, John Boyega has no official plans with any future Star Wars projects.

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