FL Gov. Shares Enthusiasm for Theme Parks’ Recovery

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On Wednesday, August 26, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sat down to a round-table discussion at Universal Orlando Resort with representatives from Universal, Walt Disney World Resort,  and SeaWorld to discuss the state of theme parks and the Sunshine State’s tourism industry as a whole.

Today, August 27, he took to Twitter to share his gratitude and enthusiasm for the meeting.

“It was great to be at @UniversalORL yesterday to meet with theme park executives and discuss the important role our parks play in providing jobs and supporting small businesses throughout the Central Florida region.”

While there is, admittedly, still a lot of work to be done, DeSantis toted the recovery of the theme parks as a success story. Especially in the way they have been able to implement new protocols to make theme parks such a safe place to visit.

One of the most memorable and enthusiastic statements came from Jackie Swisher, VP of Disney’s Hollywood Studios who said “We didn’t know exactly how the magic would play out when we were planning to open with all of these new health and safety protocols. What’s been great is the magic is definitely back.”

Governor DeSantis enthusiastically shared that quote today, saying:

“Thank you to @Disney’s Jackie Swisher for participating in our roundtable discussion yesterday and for sharing the great news that the magic is back!”

He also praised Universal and its CEO John Sprouls who said during the meeting, “I think we’ve been able to demonstrate that is is very, very safe for you t come and visit any of our parks… So hopefully we can start to get the message out so that people feel more comfortable and come back to central Florida.”

The Florida Governor shared Sprouls’ quote and tweeted,

@UniversalORL has been a leader throughout the re-opening of this important industry and I appreciate the hard work of CEO John Sprouls and the entire Universal team to safely bring guests back to the parks and to the Central Florida region.

Governor DeSantis has stated that he views theme parks and tourism as one of the most important industries to the state of Florida, responsible for hundreds of thousands of jobs both directly within each company as well as indirectly through the small businesses who rely on them.

He also touted the statistic that no positive tests for the pandemic have been tied to a theme park visit. His confidence in their work so far in bringing back jobs and implementing new health and safety protocols also lead him to support increasing theme park capacity.

He said, “We think the capacity can be increased. When you have the kind of protocols they have in place, you know, we’re very comfortable at the state level that they’re doing it in a good way.”

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