Hang Onto Summer With This Donald & Daisy Coaster Craft!

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If you want to hang onto summertime as long as you can, these adorable DIY Donald Duck and Daisy Duck rope coasters are the perfect craft for you. Designed to look like popular Ufufy plush toys, these coasters are ideal for summer sipping.

When the weather starts to turn colder, you can bring your nautical rope-inspired Disney coasters inside to pretend you’re having a tropical vacation anytime!

donald and daisy rope coasters
Credit: Disney

Donald and Daisy Rope Coaster Project (Courtesy of Disney)

What You Need:

  • Thin white rope
  • Hot glue
  • Scissors
  • Teal, brown, pink, and yellow felt
  • Teal, brown, pink, yellow, purple, and white acrylic paint
  • Paintbrushes
  • Acrylic paint sealant

What You Do:

1. Using your glue gun, add a small drop of glue to the end of the rope. Then, tightly curl it back and hold until the glue dries. (Be careful to not touch any of the glue.)

disney rope coasters 1
Credit: Disney

2. Continue looping the rope around itself, gluing along the bottom as you go (this way you won’t see the glue on the top). Hold the rope swirl on a flat surface (instead of in your hand) to ensure a flat finish.

disney rope coasters 2
Credit: Disney

3. Once the swirl is at the desired size, trim off the rope, add another drop of glue, then press it down to the side of the coaster.

4. Turn the coaster over and add some extra glue in any places that need it. Let dry.

Credit: Disney

5. Cut out 4 yellow feet, a teal and brown hat, and a pink bow from the felt.

Credit: Disney

6. Paint the faces and details of Donald and Daisy onto the coasters. Let dry.

7. Glue the feet to the back of the coasters so they’re sticking out just a little at the bottom. Then, glue Donald’s hat on the front (and slightly to the side) and Daisy’s bow at the middle front. Let dry.

8. Paint a layer of sealant over the paint to help it last. Let dry.

Credit: Disney

These Ufufy coasters, which can be made with dollar store materials, will make the cutest Disney decor for your summer tablescape or poolside patio! You could easily make other characters, including Minnie Mouse, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto, as well.

Are you going to try your hand at DIY Disney rope coasters this weekend?

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