Baby Yoda Succulent on Back Order Until Christmas

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The Child Faux Succulent Planter

Credit: BoxLunch

The phenomena of Baby Yoda continues and will continue with the second season of The Mandalorian dropping in October. Star Wars and non-Star Wars fans alike have fallen in love with this cute sensation since the first episode of the series when he appears in his “space crib” also known as, his pram. The love is so strong that merchandise has been flying off the shelves from selling out items immediately after they hit the shelves to pre-ordering and back-ordering. With The Child’s popularity, comes more imagination from the retail front, and one store created such a hot commodity that the item is back ordered until right before Christmas!

Baby Yoda Succulent Planter
Credit: BoxLunch

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child Faux Succulent Planter

The BoxLunch The Child faux succulent planter sold out rather quickly after it released the first week of August. This super adorable and affordable planter is still being sold at $19.90 still on the website, but it’s now back ordered until between December 1st-12th. If you think it’s an eye-catching gift for someone or yourself, then now is a good time to put in an order because you’ll still get it in time for Christmas. The website often also does sales like it is now so it is actually being sold for $14.92.

Baby Yoda BoxLunch
Credit: BoxLunch

Star Wars The Mandalorian The Child in Pram Mood Light

Now if you’re not looking for something to make you smile throughout the day to put on your desk, or you simply don’t feel like waiting until almost Christmas, you might want to look into this mood light. It’s in stock right now and also sold for $19.90, but is on sale for $14.92. It’s a great way to light up a room for your child at home or the child in you. The Faux Succulent Planter and the Mood Light look very similar as they are both Baby Yoda in his pram, but the mood light will brighten up a place during the daytime and nighttime.

Baby Yoda Mood Light Night
Credit: BoxLunch

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