Annual Passes Could be Revoked for Selling Splash Mountain Merchandise

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Since the news broke that Splash Mountain was set to be changed in both Disneyland and Magic Kingdom to be themed to The Princess and the Frog fans have been very quick to buy up all of the merchandise related to the attraction. While there is nothing wrong with this in theory, it became very apparent that many fans during AP preview day were simply buying many of the items in the store in bulk.

Splash Mountain
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Again, nothing wrong with this in theory, so long as these Annual Passholders also didn’t go on to resell these items. Why you may ask? Well, this clearly breaks the terms and conditions of the agreement Annual Passholders have with Disney:

Benefits and discounts are for personal use only and may not be used for any commercial purpose including, without limitation, to obtain or purchase items or services with the intent to resell such items or services.

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Disney also states in the passholder contract:

the company reserves the right to cancel, suspend or revoke any Passport or deny any Theme Park admission to any Passholder at any time for any reason.

We’re hearing reports that Disney has already been revoking passes and is prepared to continue doing this if guests continue to break the rules.

Splash Mountain
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Of course, none of this would be an issue if shopDisney had a regular stock of these Splash Mountain items on the online store. The other issue is that Disney hasn’t announced a closing date for Splash Mountain as of yet, which has led to people buying up all of the stock with a fear that the attraction was closing soon.

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We think the likelihood of Splash Mountain closing before the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World in 2021 is very slim though it isn’t out of the realms of possibility given that attendance to the parks is likely to be limited for quite some time.

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What are your thoughts on guests purchasing Splash Mountain merchandise in bulk? Let us know in the comments below!

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