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Splash Mountain annual passholder


  1. Imaginette

    I wish they would reconfigure their software to not allow BOTS from buying up stock as well. Any online store exclusive sales are snapped up by the bots, then resold via EBAY. Not cool. MAY THE FORTH sale is a prime example. I’m not paying $80 for a SW Starbucks Mug. I shouldn’t have to… Boo!

  2. Cookie Wright

    Disney should require APs to be scanned to limit the number of items someone can purchase. People buy their limit at one terminal, have several family members buy their limit, then get in line at another terminal to buy more. I’ve heard that there are many, many items available and those who hope to sell them on eBay may get stuck with an overload. I hopes so. I DO feel sorry for those who can’t get to the parks and have to depend on greedy eBay sellers to get what they want.

  3. Rosemary Youngs

    I think they could easily put a limit on things, just like The puzzles that came out recently, the first princess puzzle and the haunted mansion puzzles. People bought them all up and are selling them on eBay sometimes four to six times as much as they cost and that makes it impossible for people that just want to do the puzzles to get them.

    1. Judy

      I totally agree. We lived in Europe and got hooked on Ravensburger puzzles in the 80’s. Add Disney and it’s a favorite. I was so upset I didn’t get the first puzzle:(

  4. gayle

    First, the limit of 10 is too high. Second, maybe limit how many can be purchased using the discount. Say, the discount can only be applied to 2 per passholder account. You can buy more, but only 2 will be discounted. If they do that, then there goes some of the incentive to buy 10 or more. They should go on Poshmark….there are tons selling those items on there, and their entire closets are expensive Disney merch so you can reasonably conclude they are likely pass holders. This type of resell activity excludes others who just want to buy one for themselves or their kids.

  5. Urban B

    If I thought for one second they cared, they would have fixed their merchandise problems a long time ago. But instead, they are accelerating the sale of limited edition items. It’s almost as though the merch system is designed for scalping eBayers. But their customers? To their shame, they do. not. care.

  6. Gloria

    There should be a limit to what people can purchase. When Avatar opened ans they were selling those bird thing creatures (sorry I can’t remember the name) you could only get 1. And those rose gold ears, same thing. Disney isn’t stupid either. If they were smart they would for sure triple speed up production on all of the Splash stuff. They are creating the demand, Now they can capitalize on it so the regular people are able to get them.

  7. lorraine cramer

    there should definately be a limit of how many they can buy. I think two is perfect for people to buy. I have gone in for things at one time or another to just be told they were all gone, and it was only an hour after they had been put out.

  8. veronica

    Downtown Disney opened and you saw people walking out out with LOTS of bags filled with Splash Mountain plush toys. Yeah. I’ll see them on ebay. Offerup or whatever selling website for double, triple of what it’s worth! Disney should have a limit!

  9. Jennifer

    It’s nothing new for people the ones who buy in bulk to resale are greedy. It’s sad for the rest of us that would have just loved a few Memorabilia items from a beloved childhood ride . But if I want to spend $500 on a stuffed toy from SM I can just go to eBay 🙁

  10. Leslie

    Where can you send Names and Seller information
    There are people on there selling a 24$ plush for 170$$$ and there are Hundreds of them!!

    1. Suzy

      First it’s toilet paper, now it’s sm figurines and toys. Who knew people were such opportunists? Greedy jerks

  11. Evan

    As long as there is a demand for the products, the re-sellers will have a market. If you think in 20 years your plush toy will be worth $$$ to some collector, consider how many will be out there. Remember Beanie Babies, limited edition Barbies, Pumpkin Patch dolls, etc… Splash Mountain merchandise should not be your retirement plan. If you want a plush Br’er Rabbit, wait a couple of months and watch the price drop. Supply and demand.

  12. Lou W

    If this is such a big issue for Disney then put a limit on how many of an item someone can buy.

  13. Kristina

    I sure hope Disney does revoke the AP holders that abuse it. Those people are just about making a buck. True fans want it for their collections. There should a limit on the merchandise in the first place. Please Disney do it. Please also figure out the BOTs system too. It is so hard the get any of the Minnie Mouse main attraction merchandise unless you want to sell your first born to get those items. It’s not right.

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