Magical ‘Harry Potter’ Infant Carriers From Ergobaby

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Harry Potter baby carriers

While it might be quite some time before any baby will even think about getting a letter from Hogwarts and setting off on their magical journey to the Wizarding World, parents can certainly get them ready with these new Harry Potter infant carriers from Ergobaby.

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Here’s a little intro video before we take a closer look at the products:

The collection looks great and we love that there’s even an option for children in the doll carrier.

Baby Carrier All-In-One Lumos Maxima

The main item from the collection is the all-in-one Lumos Maxima and of course, given that it is Ergobaby and uses the Harry Potter brand, there is a hefty price attached at $179. That being said, the carrier looks fantastic and can be used from newborn right the way up until toddler so you certainly get more bang for your buck. In addition to this, you can switch position from front or back.

Ergo Hary Potter baby Carrier
Credit: Ergobaby

I’m actually in the market for a baby carrier at the minute as my daughter has just turned 7 weeks old, this just went to the top of my maybe pile!

Lumos Maxima Doll Carrier

The perfect companion to the main baby carrier is this cute doll carrier. Thankfully you won’t have to spend a fortune to keep your kids happy as the Lumos Maxima doll carrier comes at just $25. Check it out below:

Harry Potter Ergobaby doll carrier
Credit: Egobaby

Just like its real-life companion, the doll carrier can be worn at the back or front and it is designed to match the Omni 360 carrier in every way!

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Harry Potter Baby Wraps

There are a couple of awesome styles of Harry Potter baby wraps that are part of the collection as well and both are priced at $49. Check them out below:

Lumos Maxima Baby Wrap

Lumos baby wrap
Credit: Ergobaby

Spellbound baby wrap

Spellbound baby wrap
Credit: Ergobaby

What do you think of this Harry Potter limited-edition collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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