Bewitch Your Baby with Wizarding World Harry Potter Swaddling Blankets

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47" classic swaddle set 3-pack

Credit: aden + anais

Harry Potter fans–looking to swaddle your newborn in only the finest and most magical blankets around? Well, look no further than Aden + Anais and their new Hogwarts-worthy swaddle blankets, which perfectly capture the essence of J.K. Rowling’s magical novels and the comfort necessary to keep your newborn baby cozy.

The new swaddles are a new limited-edition line that comes in an enchanting pack of three for $60. Each featuring theming after the many beloved icons from the book series.

47" classic swaddle set 3-pack
Credit: aden + anais

One blanket is themed after quidditch and features imagery of the golden snitch flying through the air and the quaffle in the background with soft blue clouds. Another blanket featured in the set offers an array of lightning bolts, and red and blue stars. The third features a collection of gold dots and stars and flying owls eagerly delivering acceptance letters to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

To purchase the blankets, click here.

Other blankets included in the collection include this other Harry Potter-themed swaddle. The swaddle includes more Harry Potter imagery including the whomping willow tree, Hogwarts Castle, owls and much more!

Harry Potter baby blankets
Credit: aden + anais

The blanket can be purchased individually for $22.95. To purchase, click here.

If these precious Harry Potter-themed swaddling blankets aren’t enough to satisfy your wizarding desires, Aden + Anais also have a few other baby accessories from the collection.

Classic Sleeping Bag

sleeping bag
Credit: aden + anais

This limited-edition classic sleeping bag inspires a comfy night’s sleep and is charmed with metallic accents and iconic imagery from Hogwarts and beyond. The bag is available for $39.95.

To purchase, click here.

Classic Burping Bibs

classic burping bibs
Credit: aden + anais

These spellbinding bibs are 9″ x 23.5,” are machine washable, and feature four layers of 100% viscose made from bamboo. To purchase, click here.

Which of these Harry Potter baby accessories is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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