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With Walt Disney World Resort set to begin its phased reopening on July 11, and the Annual Passholder Preview occuring July 9 and 10, Disney Parks fans from around the country are debating whether or not it is wise to travel to the Florida Disney Resort at this time.

Coronavirus cases in Florida have surged recently, leaving many would-be travelers concerned about visiting Disney World right now. Still, Orlando Mayor Jerry Demings and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have both expressed confidence in the Walt Disney Company’s reopening plan.

Even though Florida state officials are okay with welcoming Guests to Disney World, that doesn’t mean that other states are okay with travel. Due to the pandemic, numerous U.S. states have implemented travel advisories and quarantine requirements that affect those traveling to Florida and other states where COVID-19 cases have spiked.

Here, we look at all of the current Florida travel advisories so you can understand how your upcoming Disney World trip could be impacted.

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Florida Travel Advisories for U.S. Travelers


Although the state of Alaska hasn’t implemented any Florida-specific travel orders, both residents and visitors entering the state are required to test negative for COVID-19 prior to arrival OR be tested upon arrival and quarantine until the results are received.

Any traveler who opts out of coronavirus testing, will be required to enter a 14-day quarantine.


Connecticut has mandated a 14-day quarantine for any resident or visitor traveling from a location with a COVID-19 transmission rate of 10 positive tests per 100,000 residents during a seven-day rolling average. Currently, Florida falls into that category so Disney World Guests from Connecticut will have to quarantine upon arriving home.

Furthermore, anyone traveling from Connecticut to Florida must quarantine for 14 days due to Florida’s New York Tri-state Area travel advisory. Only commercial and academic travel is exempt, which would not apply to the majority of Disney World visitors.


Hawaii doesn’t have any Florida-specific travel mandates. However, residents and visitors arriving in the state of Hawaii must quarantine for 14 days at this time. Not abiding by the quarantine regulation could result in jail time or a $5,000 fine.

Beginning August 1, anyone who tests negative for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival will be exempt from the quarantine requirement.

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While the state of Illinois doesn’t have travel advisories, the Chicago metro area does. Anyone entering Chicago from Florida must quarantine for 14 days. Ignoring the quarantine mandate could result in fines.


Kansas is requiring anyone who has been in Florida after June 29 to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival in the state. Any Kansas residents who decide to visit Disney World after it reopens will be subject to this mandate.


Maine’s quarantine mandate is similar to Alaska’s in that anyone who presents a negative test upon arrival is exempt from 14-day isolation. Maine is also allowing testing on arrival, with required quarantine until results are received.

Those who refuse testing must quarantine for 14 days.


Maryland has not issued any official Florida travel advisories, but Maryland residents are being strongly encouraged to not travel out-of-state unless it is a life or death emergency.

For those who do opt to travel, a 14-day self-quarantine upon return is also strongly encouraged.


Massachusetts is requiring a 14-day quarantine for all residents and visitors entering the state. There are certain allowances for essential workers.

New Hampshire

New Hampshire has the same pandemic travel policy as Massachusetts, requiring a 14-day quarantine for all arrivals, except certain essential workers.

New Jersey

New Jersey is requiring travelers coming from Florida, and other high-transmission states like Arizona, to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival.

New Jersey is also part of Governor DeSantis’s Tri-State quarantine mandate. This means that New Jersey residents would need to quarantine for two weeks at the beginning and the end of their Disney World trips at this time.

New Mexico

Out-of-state visitors entering New Mexico must self-quarantine for 14 days. This is not a Florida-specific mandate, but does apply to Florida residents.

New York

New York is currently subject to the same travel advisories as New Jersey. New Yorkers would need to quarantine both in Florida and upon returning home.


Pennsylvania hasn’t issued a mandatory quarantine order, but strongly recommends a 14-day self-quarantine after visiting Florida.

Rhode Island

Rhode Island, like most New England states, has advisories that impact travel to Florida during the pandemic. Anyone entering Rhode Island from a high-transmission state, such as Florida, must test negative for COVID-19 within  72 hours  of arrival or enter a 14-day quarantine.


Like New Mexico, any out-of-state traveler entering Vermont must quarantine for 14 days.


Wisconsin has allowed community officials to make some of their own calls regarding quarantine. In some Wisconsin counties, residents who have left county borders in the past two weeks are required to self-quarantine when they return home.

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Florida Travel Advisories For International Travelers

The international travel situation continues to evolve, but there are certain mandates in-place right now that could affect those traveling to Disney World from nations like the U.K.


Canadian citizens can currently enter the USA without restriction, so visiting Disney World theme park or Disneyland Resort when it reopens are viable options. Canada is, however, requiring a 14-day quarantine when travelers arrive home.

The United Kingdom

Currently, residents of the United Kingdom can travel to the United States, but it is worth noting that the largest U.K. travel agency has canceled all Walt Disney World Resort vacations through December 2020. This indicates that travelers are encouraged to remain home at this time.

The European Union

The EU is not allowing U.S. travelers to enter at this time, which means that travel to Disneyland Paris is restricted upon its reopening.

Citizens of European Union Member States are permitted to travel to the U.S., but are, in most cases, required to quarantine for 14 days when they return home. This would include travel to any U.S. Disney park.

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Before you travel to Walt Disney World, it is important to understand which travel advisories will have an effect on you when you get to Florida AND when you return home from your Disney vacation.

We hope this guide will help you plan an enjoyable Disney World vacation or, if you need to, postpone your trip until travel mandates have been lifted for residents of your state. Also, remember to practice social distancing, wash your hands, and take other precautions whenever you visit a theme park or other public place.

Safe travels from the entire ITM team!

What do you think about the current travel advisories that affect Walt Disney World Guests at this time? Tell us how you’re impacted in the comments! If you still travel to Disney World, will you drive instead of fly to reduce your risk?

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