Illustrations: Disney Characters Become NBA Mascots

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Disney NBA Mascots

Credit: @AvaDrawsThings

As the NBA continues to complete its season in its Walt Disney World Bubble, artists on social media have begun to ask the question, “What would Disney-fied NBA logos look like?”

Well, we at Inside the Magic shared one artist’s work a few weeks ago, and we found another one.

Ava Buric (@AvaDrawsThings on Twitter; @MascotDrawings on Instagram) gave her own take at Robin Lopez’s approaches to Disney NBA mascots.

Check it out:

We see Pete’s magical dragon, Elliot, as the mascot for the Orlando Magic. Memphis Grizzlies have replaced their Grizzly Bear with the world’s favorite Sloth Bear, Baloo. The King of the Pride Lands, Simba, is the mascot for the Sacramento Kings. Young buck, Bambi, is the mascot of the Milwaukee Bucks. The Patriotic Muppet Sam Eagle represents the Philadelphia 76ers. And a country bear has left he Jamboree to be the new mascot of the Utah Jazz.

Baloo as Memphis Grizzlies Mascot


Sam Eagle with the Philadelphia 76ers
Credit: @AvaDrawsThings

He may be a Sorcerer’s Apprentice rather than a wizard, but Sorcerer Mickey is the poster child of the Washington Wizards. Pixar is also represented. Heated Angry from Pixar’s Inside Out is the new mascot of the Miami Heat.

Sorcerer Mickey as the Washington Wizards
Credit: @AvaDrawsThings

It is so interesting to see iconic Disney characters representing these NBA teams. When @AvaDrawsThings shared these illustrations with us, she said she wants her art to “bring joy to other Disney and NBA fans in this crazy time we’re living in!”

When asked which illustrations is her personal favorite, Ava said, “I’m pretty biased towards the Sorcerer Mickey illustration. I purposely wanted to work on his last since making artwork for a character so iconic felt extremely special to me. The details really make it stand out!”

NBA players are currently completing their season at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex and staying at the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs, Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa, and Disney’s Yacht Club. A few of these players, like Robin and Brook Lopez, are notably major Disney fans as well.

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The NBA will officially recommence its season on July 30.

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