Capturing Disney Magic Within the Culture of Shanghai Disneyland

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Shanghai Disneyland Culture

Credit: Kent Phillips/Disney

Disney Parks photographers are truly incredible at capturing the Disney magic at each of the Disney Parks.  There’s something very unique about each of the Disney Parks around the world.  It takes picture perfect timing to get the shot at just the right time.

When Shanghai Disneyland was preparing to open in 2016, Walt Disney World sent a few of their experienced Parks Photographers, who are different than your PhotoPass Photographers, to capture as many timeless moments as they could for the Shanghai Disneyland Photo Portfolio.

Voyage to Crystal Grotto
Credit: Disney Parks

One of the photographers was Matt Stroshane who photo of Shanghai Disneyland literally involved time.  He envisioned a photo that involved a Cast Member, the Shanghai Disneyland Clock Tower, and the Enchanted Storybook Castle in the distance.  With a team of people, and just the right timing, they made it happen to create this photo.  You can read all about the whole story here!

Shanghai disneyland clock
Credit: Matt Stroshane

Today, we’re telling a whole different story about Shanghai Disneyland with another one of the photographers that was sent over to China for a month, Kent Phillips.  Because Bob Iger said that Shanghai Disneyland was authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese, Kent felt that he needed to capture a photo that embodied both of those things.  So here is his story about how this photo came to be.

One day I took a trip on Voyage to the Crystal Grotto, the enchanting boat ride near the castle that includes scenes of characters from beloved Disney films. I was in the boat to take photos of the attraction, but I ended up finding the image I’d been searching for all this time. 

As my boat rounded a bend in the river and we passed Mulan, I looked up and … there was the picture I was looking for. The beautiful golden dragon you see here was framed up perfectly with the castle in the background – and the lighting was just perfect. Of the thousands of pictures I took during my time in Shanghai, this one felt like it had the most “pixie dust” on it, given how it seemed to magically appear before my eyes.”

Shanghai Disneyland
Credit: Kent Phillips

There’s a story behind every photo taken and these Disney Parks photographers have shared some very thoughtful ones with us.  For some other Behind the Camera stories, let’s travel over to the Magic Kingdom Balloon Room and Disneyland Park Matterhorn Attraction.  These pictures are definitely worth more than a thousand words!

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