You Can Turn Your Amazon Echo Dot Into Baby Yoda!

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“Hey, Alexa, turn into Baby Yoda!”

Amazon and OtterBox partnered to bring the coolest Amazon Echo gear ever! The two companies have released The Mandalorian: The Child, Stand for Amazon Echo Dot Gen. 3rd.

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Echo Dot stand
Credit: Amazon and OtterBox

This new tech accessory is amazing for any Star Wars fan. It doesn’t really matter where you keep your Echo Dot in your house – you bedroom, the kitchen, the living room, etc. – this is room enhancement that will let your personality show.

It will also help you on your battle against the ‘dark forces’ of a boring looking Echo Dot. Spice it up with the Baby Yoda ears!

Echo Dot stand
Credit: Amazon and OtterBox

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The new Mandalorian, Baby Yoda Amazon Echo Dot stand is exclusive to Amazon, and unfortunately, it will only work with Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen. The stand also has a non-slip base to prevent any accidents, like if you miss use your ‘Jedi’ powers and knock the Echo Dot off the table.

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Echo Dot stand
Credit: Amazon and OtterBox

The stand is going for $24.95, and Amazon Prime members can get free shipping! You can check the new Star Wars accessory by clicking here.

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Did you like the Baby Yoda stand? If you have an Echo Dot Gen. 3, or if you had one, would you consider purchasing the stand? Let us know in the comments below.

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