See the Saga in a New Way with These ‘Star Wars’ Historical Military Portraits

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Star Wars Renaissance

Star Wars films, with their heroes and villains, in essence follow a story arc set amidst backdrop of intergalactic war. Reddit artist mandal0re transforms these iconic characters into classical Star Wars Historical Military Portraits.

Using elements from actual historic military art, and combining them with images of action figures and statues, the talented artist masterfully meshes his components into photo manipulated perfected fine art.  Each character retains its own personality while wearing a shroud of regal, historic essence.

mosiac mando

We’ve seen plenty of Disney Princess interpretations, including, of all things, hot dog versions.  However, one digital artist takes a different approach when it comes to re-imagining Disney characters.

Taking inspiration, and often backgrounds, from actual historic military paintings, mandal0re places famous faces from the Star Wars saga into beautifully rendered oil painting-like masterpieces worthy of any mansion mantle or museum gallery.

Each image takes around three hours to create and comes to life using to smart phone applications: SuperimposeX and Photoshop.

‘Star Wars’ Historical Military Portraits yoda lisa

Star Wars Historical Military Portraits: Villainous variety

From Darth Maul to Kylo Ren, Star Wars villains dominate history in these amazing renderings.

Using the face from a Darth Maul hot toys action figure, this Dathomirian Sith Lord takes a regal stance for his perfectly prepared dark side portrait.

Darth Maul

Even without his helmet and flowing black cape, Darth Vader appears immensely imposing in this historical military portrait.

‘Star Wars’ Historical Military Portraits Darth Vader

Using the face of Mark Strong (whom the artist feels would be perfect to portray the character), Grand Admiral Thrawn takes Otto Von Bismark’s place in this painting.

Admiral Thrawn

Emperor Palpatine’s portrait provides the supreme leader with a host of military decorations to cover his red coat.


For Kylo Ren, a heavy canon and dark sky offer the perfect backdrop for this conflicted character.

Kylo Ren Military Portrait

Heroes pose for military style portrait make-overs

Young Obi-Wan Kenobi (the first of this style of imagery for the artist) joins Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Admiral Ackbar for a new historical look.  Even the most recent set of Star Wars heroes, The Mandalorian and the Child (aka Baby Yoda) show up for the series!

General Kenobi, taking a pause from his Clone Wars adventures, kicked off a stellar series of Star Wars characters posing for historical military portraits.


Admiral Ackbar replaces Winston Churchill in this seated painting.

‘Star Wars’ Historical Military Portraits Admiral Ackbar

Jedi Master Mace Windu’s penetrating gaze takes the focal point in this brilliant work of digital art.

Mace Windu

A mature Luke Skywalker trades Jedi robes for maritime magnificence in this stunning selection.

‘Star Wars’ Historical Military Portraits Luke

In this military-style masterpiece The Mandalorian shows off his armor, with the Child safely tucked under his arm.

Baby Yoda

Enjoy the entire ensemble

Check out the full force of this creative portraiture collection on mandal0re’s reddit page. Or find even more characters on Instagram, where the artist posts under the name scadarts

On either page, fans will find more familiar faces like Greedo, General Grieeous, Governor Tarkin, Boba Fett, Anakin Skywalker, Captain Rex, Qui Gon, Poe Dameron, and many more.

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Which of these amazing Star Wars Historical Military Portraits is your favorite? Please politely share your thoughts in the comments.

Source and images: mandal0re’s reddit and Instagram (as scadarts) page

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