Fun With Food: Disney Princess Hot Dogs Are A Royal Treat

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Disney princesses as hot dogs

Mealtime does not have to be boring. Take for instance, these adorable Disney Princess hot dogs.

This royal treat dresses up the popular tube-shaped meat, transforming it into regal realizations which can make the dinner table a bit magical.

Disney Princesses in front of hot dogs

More than just another “Disney Princesses reimagined as . . .,” these bun topping beauties are both amusing and practical.  As a bonus these kitchen couture cuties might even win over younger fussy eaters.

Designing Disney Princess hot dogs

These four fancy food mashups materialize courtesy of native New Yorker, Nick Smerkz.  Hailing from just north of Buffalo, Nick unveiled his hot dogs and condiments vision for the four Disney princesses back in November of 2019.

Turning tube steak into princesses simply required a few extra items from the fridge. Of course, hot dogs and the appropriate accompanying hot dog rolls are required.  Additionally, items like lettuce, red onions, American cheese, and what appears to be bean sprouts join ketchup and mustard to make up the royal dining delights.

Ariel still has her mermaid tail, though in the form of a piece of bright green lettuce.  She also sports a red onion/sea shell top. Bright red ketchup becomes her face and flowing auburn locks.

Disney princess hot dogs Ariel

Belle’s beautiful ball gown owes its layers to American cheese slices and mustard details. Her hair and eyes get their glow from well-placed dabs of barbecue sauce. Bright red lips owe their allure to a small spot of ketchup.

Belle as a hot dog and Princess Belle cartoon

Pocahontas receives her native skirt/top thanks to cleverly cut American cheese with a mustard belt. One strip of red onion fills in for her necklace.  Barbecue sauce hair and eyes join ketchup lips for this  princess powered creation.

Disney princess hot dogs Pocohantus

Rapunzel’s purple dress appears courtesy of layers of red onion peel. In this frank version her hair appears shorter than its legendary length and seems to be comprised of bean sprouts.

Rapunzel as a hot dog and Princess Rapunzel cartoon

Fancy food fun can be more than Disney Princesses

While Nick’s neat hot dog Disney Princesses provide a tongue in cheek version of Disney inspired culinary craftiness, this processed meat make over is not the only pixie dust powered palate pleaser to showcase delicious design creativity. Check out these other munchies inspired by Disney characters.

Fans find a sweet treat directly from the 1000 Acre Wood. Pooh’s pal Tigger inspires a marshmallow/melted chocolate “Tigger Tail” recipe.

Disney Princess Hot Dogs Tigger Tail

Monster’s Inc. Mike Wazowski received a modern ‘viral’ mashup to form a very special burger dish.

For guests longing for a galaxy far-far away, a pair of Galaxy’s Edge experiences await eager make-at-home fans.  Both the green and blue versions of out of this world beverage are featured here.

Hands holding colorful drinks at Disney Park

Fiendishly fun feeding frenzy

One advantage to the new stay at home requirements for most is time.  With extra time on hand experimenting in the kitchen or concocting from creative directions, making Disney inspired treats is a sure-fire way to bring some magic home for entire family.

Need inspiration? Check out “Be Our Chef” on Disney+

Do you have a favorite Disney character recipe that you make at home?  Please share your inspiring stories and photos of your creation(s) in the comments.

Source and images: Nick Smerkz Facebook page, ITM Archives, ITM’s Kelly Coffey

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