WDW NBA Update: Hotels and Player Perks Announced

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NBA Disney World Hotels

Credit: Disney/NBA

As the time draws nearer for the NBA to finish its 2019-20 season at the Walt Disney World Resort, more news is coming to light regarding the details of the players’ stay on-property.

Where will the NBA players be housed?

The 22 NBA teams playing at Disney World will reportedly be housed in three different resort hotels.

According to NBA insider Shams Charania, the teams will be staying at the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa, and Disney’s Yacht Club Resort.

The teams will reportedly be split up as such:

  • Gran Destino: Bucks, Lakers, Raptors, Clippers, Celtics, Nuggets, Jazz, Heat
  • Grand Floridian: Thunder, 76ers, Rockets, Pacers, Mavericks, Nets, Grizzlies, Magic
  • Yacht Club: Blazers, Kings, Pelicans, Spurs, Suns, Wizard

Insider Keith Smith illuminated further explaining that the Gran Destino Tower is going to be the “Main” hotel with Coronado Springs’ convention center posing as one of the main hubs. Smith reports that availability at both the Grand Floridian and Yacht Club resorts are not guaranteed if any of the teams staying there make it to the playoffs.

NBA Players will Reportedly have In-Room Dining Options

Gran Destino Tower
Credit: Disney

According to Shams Charania’s article in The Athletic,

  • Any meal eaten with a player on another team must be eaten outside.
  • Players are not permitted to enter each other’s hotel rooms due to infection concerns.
  • Disney chefs will prepare daily meals and there will also be a room service option. Subject to a few exceptions, food deliveries from outside of the NBA Campus are not permitted.
  • At his own expense, a player is permitted to hire a personal chef located outside of the NBA Campus to prepare and send food into the NBA Campus on a daily basis.

NBA Players May Reportedly Book 17 Rooms for Guests

Disney's Yacht Club Room
Credit: Disney

It appears that the players will have the opportunity to make room for their family members.

The Athletic reports the following:

  • Each team that advances past the first round of the playoffs will be permitted to reserve up to 17 (if the team brings 17 players and down to 15 if it brings only 15 players) guest rooms for guests of players on the NBA Campus.
  • Players are responsible for the cost of each hotel room used for a player guest; the costs of meals and testing for player guests will not be charged to players.
  • All player guests must undergo three days of self-quarantine and testing either in a house or hotel in the team’s home market or in Orlando outside of the NBA Campus.
  • Assuming that the player guest does not return a positive PCR test, then the player guest may then come to the NBA Campus, but must remain in quarantine for four days after arrival while having COVID-19 testing each of those days.
  • Agents are not eligible, unless he or she is a family member of a player.
  • Player guests who leave the NBA Campus will not be permitted to return.


Outside entertainment also might be a possibility for NBA players and their families as well as access to Disney movies not yet made public.

What is “the NBA Campus”?

espn NBA header
Credit: Disney/NBA

The NBA Campus will reportedly include the three hotels housing the players and staff, the Wide World of Sports complex, and separate practice courts. It will also include other auxiliary sites established like one of the golf courses or a medical facility.

As far as courts go, Smith explains the setup will reportedly be as follows:

The campus bubble does not include any theme parks at this time. However, time in the theme parks might be a possibility.

According to Smith’s sources, “There is a potential that special access to the theme parks and attractions could be arranged, but will be at the sole discretion of the NBA. It’s likely to happen after families arrive and will be held after hours, following day guests departures.”

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The NBA players are reportedly expected to arrive at Disney World starting July 7 and the season is expected to conclude by October 13, but it is unclear when and for how long the players and their guests may occupy those rooms in those three Walt Disney World Resort Hotels.

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