Artist Creates Custom Matterhorn Purse

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Much like other Disney fans around the World, artist Emma Mosier found herself vacation-less when the global shutdown hit. Her family trip to the Disney Park in California was canceled. Instead of moping, Emma chose to look at the bright side and use her time to work on her parks projects, like land-based Disneybound outfits. A no-brainer Fantasyland choice for Emma was the Matterhorn Bobsleds, and after finding the perfect fabrics, she decided to make a Matterhorn Purse Fit for a yeti.

matternhorn inspired purse
Credit: Emma Mosier

The Matterhorn Purse

Browsing on Etsy, Emma saw a Matterhorn ride/Yeti based cross-stitch pattern and fell in love. (She happens to adore semi-obscure Disney references and jokes).  She knew it was the perfect start to create a full Matternhorn Disneybound and accessories to match. Basing her handbag on an existing pattern from Sew4Home, Emma got to work on a round-style “canteen” bag.

The Matterhorn Purse Crossbody
Credit: Emma Mosier

Scandinavian inspired fabrics were found on Spoonflower, where Emma chose an organic cotton sateen called Scandanavian Spring Floral. The Edelweiss-like pattern was perfect for the Matterhorn aesthetic, and Emma added fusible foam interfacing to give the purse some heft against all the Disney gear she’d pack inside. The shoulder strap had a matching overlayed ribbon to coordinate.

matternhorn purse collage
Credit: Emma Mosier
scandinavian fabric interior
Credit: Emma Mosier

Red denim piping (which Emma also handmade out of cotton corduroy) was a first for the stitcher, who wanted the results to look professional. Taking the panels to the machine, Emma fussed a bit and broke a few needles, but it worked out well in the end. She added an antique brass style zipper with pull to make interior access a breeze.

red denim piping
Credit: Emma Mosier
antique brass pull tab
Credit: Emma Mosier

Emma is also working on her Disneybound outfit to match her incredible purse, with items like her Matterhorn skirt. The green tea-length bottom is trimmed in a similar ribbon to the purse and sets of the color scheme nicely. We can’t wait to see how the whole look turns out!

The Matterhorn Skirt
Credit: Emma Mosier

Emma sews for a hobby, though she’s been doing a lot of it during the stay at home period. Her bag is not currently for sale, but she said that in the future, she may charge a fee for a custom product. Most of the time, Emma’s gig is that of a visual artist.  You can follow Emma’s wealth of creations by following her on Facebook or on her visually rich Instagram at

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