Boy Who Lost His Mother Gets Dream Trip to Disneyland When Lockdown is Over

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Credit: Nathan Hesketh/Disney

It is hard to link sadness with Disney. After all, feeling joy and happiness and having fun are what you think about when visiting any Disney Park. So, why not plan a Disney trip to cheer your spirits after the pandemic ends and it’s safe to travel? That is exactly what one Newcastle dad thought.

The story starts with a father’s plea to help cheer up his son after a tragic period in his life. Nathan Hesketh created a crowdfunding page to raise money to take his son to Disneyland Paris after the pandemic is over.

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The Disney magic crowdfunding page says, “Weʼre raising £2,000 to help Milo get his zest for life back! All donations will go towards a pot for a once in a childhood trip to Disneyland Paris.”

Last year, eight-year-old, Milo Hesketh lost his mother, Sian d’Ellard,  due to health conditions at the age of 27.

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Credit: Nathan Hesketh

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Loosing his mother was extremely devastating for Milo.

“In terms of his relationship with his mum, he was super close -they did everything with each other and he still loves her so dearly… Losing her [mother] has really took a lot of the a lot of the magic out of his life,” wrote Nathan on their JustGiving page.

And the recent pandemic worldwide had not made dealing with his loss any easier.

“He’s sick of life at the moment, whether it be his mother’s death or now not having the social interaction he so needs at his age. I just want to give him something that will give him a semblance of hope and innocence back into his wonderful little soul,” wrote Nathan.

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Credit: Nathan Hesketh

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The crowdfunding page has reached its goal of £2,000 after only 48 hours. However, donations are still open for anyone that would still like to contribute. You can donate here.

What did you think of Milo’s dad’s intention? Let us know in the comments bellow. 

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