Could Disneyland Paris Reopen in June? Signs Look Promising

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Disneyland Paris Reopening

This past week we have witnessed a flurry of good news regarding Disney Park reopenings. The Walt Disney World Resort reopened its shopping and dining district, Disney Springs, and submitted its plans to begin reopening its theme parks in Orlando, Florida starting July 11. Disneyland Resort and Hong Kong Disney Resort may not be far behind. Tokyo Disney Resort has also announced its plans to reopen its shopping center, Ikspiari. Meanwhile, Shanghai Disney Resort is now reopened and continues to operate at a limited capacity.

But what about Disneyland Paris?

Well, while there has been no official word yet on an official reopening plan for Disneyland Paris, new reports have emerged that quite possible allow Disneyland Park, Walt Disney Studios Park, and the rest of the resort to reopen as soon as June 22.

According to the French publication Le Monde,the region in which Disneyland Paris is located is now showing “reassuring signs” to allow for some reopening almost immediately with more populous venus remaining closed until June 21:

More frankly red, not yet green: Ile-de-France now has a hybrid status. This was announced on Thursday May 28 by the Prime Minister, Edouard Philippe, by presenting the new stage of deconfinement. Now classified as an orange zone, the densest and most populated region of France will benefit from several relaxations, without the restrictions being completely lifted.

The deconfinement will be “a little more cautious” than elsewhere, summarized the Prime Minister. The parks and gardens will be able to reopen, possibly subject to wearing a mask. The cafes will also welcome customers again, but only on the terrace. Theaters, performance halls, gymnasiums, swimming pools and sports halls will remain closed until June 21 inclusive. 

Disneyland Paris is not specifically mentioned in the article, nor has Disneyland Paris released any official statement suggesting an imminent reopening. However, Inside the Magic recently reported that Disneyland Paris executives have recently visited the parks for what appears to be reopening preparations. It is also no stretch of the imagination to see how Disneyland Paris could adjust, like Shanghai Disneyland and Walt Disney World, to allow for limited capacity and enforce the use of face coverings and social distancing.

Disneyland Paris (Left); French President Emmanuel Maccron

There is a push to reopen the economy from some Parisians which also unintentionally puts Disneyland Paris in the spotlight. It is the largest single-site employer in France, bosting 17,000–16,000 permanent employees and bringing in 8,000 new recruits annually (1,000 permanent employees, 7,000 seasonal contracts).

Frozen Disney Land
Credit: Disney

Le Monde’s coverage also highlights the ongoing debate regarding the mere reopening of city parks and cafes throughout Paris. Success must first be proven there, but we will continue to count down the days until June 22 and wait with bated breath for any word to come from Disneyland Paris itself.

When do you think Disneyland Paris will reopen? Let us know in the comments!

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