‘Fowl’ Play? Critics Voice Disappointment in ‘Artemis Fowl’ Before Disney+ Premiere

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Artemis Fowl Reviews

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Disney’s latest live-action fantasy adventure Artemis Fowl will premiere on Disney+ tomorrow. But some of the reviews are starting to come in now, and they are not quite favorable.

Please note that these are the opinions of other reviews. I did not attend an advance screening of the film and will be watching it June 12 upon its general release on Disney+.

Artemis Fowl
Credit: Disney

Here are some examples of the reviewers’ sentiments:

Artemis Fowl is clearly for kids, but that’s not a good enough excuse. Kids deserve better than this mess, and so do the adults who have to suffer through it with them. Artemis may think himself a criminal mastermind, but the only crime in this film is the film itself. Moving it to Disney+ might be the smartest decision the Mouse has made all year. — Comicbook.com

Disney’s Artemis Fowl offers some visual eye candy when it comes to its thrilling action set-pieces and special effects, but struggles to develop its characters into memorable individuals. Sadly, the only character to leave a lasting impact is Josh Gad’s Mulch Diggums, who mostly serves as the film’s narrator. If Disney was hoping to turn Artemis Fowl into its next big franchise, this film is not a good example of things to come. —IGN.com

‘Artemis Fowl’ Is One Of The Worst YA Fantasy Movies Ever. Lacking in vivid characters, compelling stakes or memorable set pieces, Walt Disney’s Artemis Fowl brings to mind the very worst of the post-Harry Potter attempts at young adult fantasy franchises. — Forbes

Artemis Fowl was one of Disney’s most-anticipated non-Marvel films set to be released in 2020, riding the wave of the book series’ monumental success. But when the global pandemic forced movie theaters to close and all moviegoers to stay home, the decision was made to forgo the theatrical release and send Artemis Fowl straight to Disney+. While fans may appear disappointed, nobody has yet to deny Walt Disney Studios made the right decision sending Kenneth Branagh’s film straight to the streaming service.

Artemis Fowl will be released to Disney+ on June 12. At which point, fans will be able to form their own unique opinions on Disney’s latest work.

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