Star Wars Day Campaign Video Shows President Trump as Yoda Attacking News Networks

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Trump as Yoda

Credit: @TrumpWarRoom

In a new Presidential campaign video from Trump’s official campaign twitter account, a video was tweeted Monday showing the president as Yoda from Lucasfilm’s Star Wars series decapitating cable news networks.

The video begins with what appears to be the Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s face on Emperor Palpatine as he can be seen directing a clone trooper, who’s face is covered with the CNN logo to portray the news company, to execute Order 66 to kill the Jedi (Yoda as Trump).

Emperor Palpatine
Credit: @TrumpWarRoom

In the next scene, we see the CNN clone trooper along with a second clone trooper, featuring MSNBC’s logo, approaching Trump as Yoda from behind in what looks to be a sneak attack before Trump performs an aerial stunt with his lightsaber in which he decapitates both troopers.

The new Star Wars-themed video was released on Monday due to the annual Star Wars Day May the 4th.

According to The Hill, neither MSNBC, CNN and the Biden campaign returned requests for comment on the video.

This is not the first campaign video we’ve seen from President Trump depicting himself as one of The Walt Disney Company’s many famous franchised characters. 

In December, we saw Trump portrayed as Thanos, one of the biggest villains in Marvel’s history, in a tweet from the same official Trump campaign Twitter account after the House of Representatives introduced two articles of impeachment against the president.

President Trump as Thanos
Credit: @TrumpWarRoom

The video featured a shot of Trump superimposed onto the head of Josh Brolin’s character, which he depicted in both of Marvel’s record-breaking films Avengers: Endgame and Avengers: Infinity War. 

At the time, similar to most political topics, the tweet gained a mass amounts of discussion on Twitter with many pointing to the fact that President Trump compared himself to a villain who had killed millions in the Marvel films.

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