Sippable Yet Striking Disney Latte Art You’ve Got to Watch!

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Here at Inside the Magic, we fully believe Coffee is a food group. It should be served daily in a Disney mug, with various mix-ins, toppings, and sidecars. You’ll get extra points for Joffrey’s coffee or tea brewing in your Keurig or a copycat recipe from a Walt Disney World Coffee shop. In fact, we love coffee so much we’re sipping it while we watch this amazing latte art creator, Michael Breach of @Baristart, paint Disney doodles on top of our demitasse.

michael breach and lindsey paris
Credit: Lindsey Paris /

Disney Latte Art

A fun fact? There is very little to no espresso inside Breach’s cups. It’s mostly milk and milk foam, to keep the cup contents consistent. There can’t be any absorption of foam by the coffee! It’s perfect to draw upon. This editor watched him brew and pour his cuppas atop an art bench at the 2017 D23 Expo.  You will see in the formal Disney video a small amount of coffee under the foam, but at D23, Michael told me that he rarely uses coffee inside his

baristart pouring a latte for foam
Credit: Lindsey Paris /

Below, you’ll see Breach meet the challenge of making an Ellie Badge from UP inside a coffee cup while onlookers watched. Of course, you’ll see other designs in the background that @Baristart had made earlier that day, but the main feat here is how carefully he illustrates the foam! You’ll see his set of Disney latte art supplies in the background, which are simple yet effective.

This clip from the Disney Eats YouTube channel shows off a huge collection of Disney coffee art icons artfully drawn by Breach atop round mugs. The Pixar Ball, Aladdin’s smokey lamp, and Captain Marvel’s icon blare in surprisingly brilliant colors atop the latte foam.

We wish that a Disney Park barista would take the time to doodle this on our coffee, too! Coffee art like this takes time and skill, so it’s no wonder that we are mystified by these artistic examples of Disney coffee.

michael breach baristart making disney latte art
Credit: Lindsey Paris /

What Disney icon would you like to see on top of a latte?

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