The New Disney Animation Mug Collection Draws a Smile On Our Faces

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disney animation mugs from shopdisney

Sip, sip, hooray! If you’re like us, you can’t fully get your day started without a cup of coffee (or tea, if you happen to be the Mad Hatter!) Find your pixie-dusted brew in these Disney Animation Mugs from ShopDisney. Straight from your breakfast table, browse the four mug collection and choose the stackable style that’s for you!

tinkerbelle mug shopdisney
Credit: ShopDisney


Tinker Bell Disney Animation Mug

tinkerbelle animation mug
Credit: ShopDisney

Tink is the original mean girl… but we can’t blame her for wanting Peter to herself! She just goes about it the wrong way. Relive her surprise to anger moment in a charming sketch style. Collect all four of the mugs to complete a stackable collection that’s worth gazing at over your morning brew! Fly over to ShopDisney to browse the collection and purchase the Tinker Bell Disney Animation mug for $14.99.

Beauty and the Beast Chip Animation Mug

Chip animation mug from Disney
Credit: ShopDisney

Bubble over to ShopDisney and pick up this precocious Chip animation mug from Beauty and the Beast (1991). Retailing for $14.99, the mug shows Chip in 6 stages of his “trick” he shows to Belle at the dinner table. Just be sure to handle it carefully so you don’t end up with a real CHIP of your own! The coffee mug has a matte gloss exterior while the inside is a whimsical blue contrast. Holds 12 ounces of your favorite tea from Mrs. Potts, and is stackable if you are a mug collector!

“Reawaken your adoration for the art of Disney Animation each morning. Take a sip of inspiration from this contemporary coffee mug featuring a series of sketch poses of Chip, the little cracked cup featured in Disney’s animated Beauty and the Beast.” – ShopDisney

Dumbo Learning to Fly Animation Mug

Dumbo Disney Animation mug
Credit: ShopDisney

You can fly, and you only need a cup of coffee to do it! Find flight with this adorable Dumbo Disney Animation Mug with our baby elephant in 6 different poses. The gray interior is the same color as Dumbo’s ears, so maybe you’ll brew up some magic as you study his sketched flight pattern. Inspired by Walt Disney’s Dumbo (1941), you can collect all four mugs over at for $14.99 each.

Winnie the Pooh Eeyore Animation Mug

eeyore disney animation mug
Credit: ShopDisney

Straight from the cel to your cup, this contemporary coffee mug featuring a series of Eeyore sketches as he (once again) attempts to build his stick house. This coffee mug has a light lavender interior gloss while the exterior is the same matte as the rest of the collection. Pour 12 ounces of forlorn thoughts into the stackable mug before you consume and safely add to the dishwasher.

More Disney Mugs You’ll Crave

Going for a second cup? Find this duo of retro Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse coffee mugs for you and your buddy. They are a perfect pairing. If you’re off to the front porch for some rocking chair sipping, or perhaps on your morning walk, try these ceramic travel mugs with nifty lids that keep everything warm and contained.

retro minnie and mickey mug
Credit: ShopDisney

Which Disney Animation Mugs will you be brewing up? Leave us a comment below!

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