Potential Second Wave of Pandemic Still Looms Over Disney World, Universal Reopening

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Disney World Second Wave

On Wednesday, May 27, 2020, Florida’s Orange County Economic Recovery Task Force met to discuss the continued reopening and the question of a second wave in the pandemic was brought up.

Doctor Vincent Hsu of Advent Health and Dr. Raul Pino of the Florida Department of Health, Orange County, addressed the other members and all those listening in to the virtual meeting, stating that a second wave is probable but the severity of the second wave is still unknown.

“We haven’t seen a second wave as of yet,” said Dr. Hsu, “It’s really difficult, obviously, to predict if and when it’s going to come. Some experts have talked about a seasonal wave, a winter wave, and we do know that in past pandemics, pretty much ever pandemic that has occurred has some sort of second wave. We just don’t know what form or fashion. So, I think the prudent thing would be to prepare for one–that it may come–again, we don’t know when or how severe it’s going to be. But, I think, being prepared is really the important thing we have to do as we move forward.”

You can watch the meeting here.

Both medical experts agreed that every pandemic has had a second wave of some kind, and more cases are expected to rise as people begin to go out and interact once again. Their main focus lies with hospitalizations which, right now, are on a downward trend. Can they keep numbers low enough to where the hospitals are not overwhelmed?

“I do agree with Doctor Hsu,” said Dr. Pino. “We can say we’re going slowly in that direction, but VERY slowly. The question is not if we are going to have more cases. We are going to have more cases as social activities increase. We should not expect that a number of cases is going to continue to dramatically decrease when we increase social activity. I think that the dilemma is how that increase happens. Because if that increase happens in a controlled environment…and we do not overwhelm the healthcare system, then we will continue in good shape.”

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Credit: ITM/Orlando Task Force
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Credit: ITM/Orlando Task Force

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Dr. Pino does not expect the wave to be as intense as the first wave in early April, “if we continue to assert social distancing.”

“Again, it all depends on how we behave,” he said. “How the public reacts, and how we keep the measures that are in place.”

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As Walt Disney World Resort, Universal Orlando Resort, and other major central Florida attractions get ready to reopen, that potential second wave looms over the excitement. While both major resorts, implement precautionary measures to enforce higher levels of hygiene, social distancing, and limited capacity, only time will show how the guests will truly interact with one another and if a large second wave is truly on the horizon.

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