NEW Pineapple Flavored Drink From Taco Bell Gives Us Dole Whip Vibes

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Taco Bell Dole whip

Credit: ITM Kelly C./Disney

If you are missing the Disney Parks as much as I am, you are in for a real treat.

While I am unable to visit Walt Disney World due to the temporary park closures, I am trying to bring some Disney magic into my home to help cope. From making Disney recipes to listening to Disney Park’s music, I have been curing the Disney blues in every way I can.

And now, Taco Bell is joining in on the fun by debuting a brand new flavor Freeze — Pineapple (Very similar to the famous Disney Dole Whip). There are two versions of this Pineapple Freeze available — One consists of just Pineapple while the other is blended with creamy vanilla ice cream.

I decided to take a trip to Taco Bell to taste test these two drinks and here are my thoughts.

pineapple freeze
Credit: ITM Kelly C.

Pineapple Freeze

The plain pineapple freeze was a bit bland in my opinion. It didn’t really taste like a Dole Whip. However, it was very refreshing — especially on a hot summer day!

pineapple freeze
Credit: ITM Kelly C.

Pineapple Freeze With Vanilla Ice Cream

This one was a hit! I absolutely loved the flavors that came with this drink. If you are a fan of the Pineapple Vanilla Swirl Dole Whip in the Disney Parks, you will love this Taco Bell beverage as well! Very similar to a creamsicle, this Pineapple Freeze with Vanilla Ice Cream is going to be my go-to summer drink.

pineapple freeze
Credit: ITM Kelly C.

More Information on Pineapple Freeze Beverages

According to the official Taco Bell website:

The Pineapple Freeze is here to own summer!

No need to even look at the calendar, the first official day of summer is whenever the Pineapple Freeze decides it is.

And what a summer it’s going to be. Days spent lounging by the pool. Or perhaps out on the water. Wherever you find yourself, this freeze pairs effortlessly with your idea of paradise. So, get ready to surrender to the serenity of the Pineapple Freeze.

We’re not even quite sure how this freeze is so cold—it’s like sunshine in freeze form. If you’re busy workin’ on a tan, the Pineapple Freeze will be workin’ on tantalizing your taste buds. It wants to make sure your summertime is less about getting sunburned, and more about getting some brrrrrs. Its sip perfection factor is off the charts. The reason? This freeze is a refreshing taste of pineapple that tastes even better on a picturesque cloudless day.

So, while you may commend their entrepreneurial spirit, it’s safe to say your neighborhood lemonade stands don’t really stand a chance. Sorry, kids. It’s nothing personal.

Simply put, the Pineapple Freeze is meant to complement summer. Snag yourself this tropic-me-up at a Taco Bell near you, at participating locations for a limited time.

Will you be trying this new Pineapple Freeze? Which version will you be ordering? Let us know in the comments.

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