As One of Europe’s Biggest Theme Park Reopens – Will Disney Follow?

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Reopening of Efteling

This morning we got the fantastic news from one of Europe’s biggest and best theme parks, Efteling, that they were preparing to reopen on May 20th, just two days from now.

The fairytale theme park is well known for its flagship rides and visitors will be very pleased to hear that the park is opening again.

The CEO of Efteling theme park resort had this to say on the reopening of the Efteling theme park:

In the World of Efteling, we have always made sure that our guests can enjoy the park safely. That is no different now. What is different is exactly what that safety entails. We know better than anyone how guests move in our park and how we can spread groups and we are using this knowledge to ensure guests can always keep a safe distance. Fortunately, we have plenty of space because our park is approximately the size of 140 football fields. We also allow a limited number of guests to pre-book their visit. This way we can guarantee that everyone has the space for their day out.

Efteling safety measures
Credit: Efteling

The park is introducing a whole host of new safety measures as part of the reopening. This includes clear information on signs, screens, and markings on the ground to make sure that guests are keeping a safe distance away from each other. Strict cleaning measures will also be in place to make sure everything is disinfected on a regular basis.

Many of you may not have heard of Efteling, it’s one of the best theme parks in Europe and although based in the Netherlands, Disney will most certainly be keeping a close eye on how this is being handled.

Efteling safety
Credit: Efteling

With Disney’s parks still closed in Europe, America, Japan, and Hong Kong, they will be learning all they can from what other parks are doing.

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So far the phased reopening of the Shanghai Disney Resort is going well so Disney will also be taking learnings from this.

So what does this mean for Disneyland Paris? Well, Disney is mostly governed by what the French Government say on reopening of large spaces however if Efteling can reopen without spreading the virus further, there’s no reason why Disneyland Paris shouldn’t be able to. The resort is a lot more restricted for space so there’s no doubt they will need to restrict guests entering once DLP does reopen.

Overall, this is fantastic news for all theme parks in Europe and potentially the world. Are you excited to see another park reopen? Let us know in the comments below! 

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