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Reopening of Efteling


  1. Davis

    Disney here will follow the approval of all the governors! They already got in trouble in fl and now theres no doubt why desantis is playing hard ball and not approving bc if the theme parks think they are above approval esp where we are supose to come out of this slowly and safely is the key…. thats not how to go do it!
    People many disagree but no one is above the law or following rules this isnt a game or a different situation… this was a bad virus we all still do not know about so i say lets all do things right! Its like building something you measure 2-3 times and cut once! Disney also has 4 theme parks 2 water bunch of hotels it all was not built in a day it can not open in one! Disney knows just like i do working secuirty and even i think it was harley whom called it this here we now live in a catch 22 world your not going to make everyone happy but they will be safe! I think we have to be prepared but also have patience in knowing if desantis is barely only allowing pt B of level 1 to start this wk w caution you better know everything will roll out just as slow. As a security in ride out i can tell you no schedules been sent to cast nor have i been given a true schedule until then nothing is certain…. You also have to think last pt i promise we are in 115 shade heat in summer and hurricane season which started early already and is predicted to be bad is it smart to open or wait??? Like i said catch 22 but lets always remember patience and kindness we are all human w different opinions but we are all being affect by this the same.

    1. Harley

      I always call it catch 22 bc right now not one single thought is going to make everyone happy …
      And thats fine its about safety and doing what everyone wants bc that might not be the right option for the person standing next to you! We are all only human and disney made the mistake of staying open instead of closing yes people will not agree w me and i can tell you i was there and everyone was attached to the hand sanitizer machines but everything else wss normal but this isnt normal yet! And who knows if it will be but we have to have patience like you said davis Disney will be there theres no rush! And i want to take this opportunity to thank you and all cms whom rode it out and will be the 1st cms back! Good luck and stay safe!

  2. Janie

    When people realize Disney is not in charge of FL or cali the govenor is!
    When they realize this is not the worst thing to happen N there are still things that will kill you quicker
    Unfortunately ever since this happen people forgot the top 3 killers are still
    Heart attack
    Suicide/mental health!
    Theres no cures nor vaxx for any of that!!!
    Are you all going to continue to live life in a bubble and w masks on then blame the others whom do not! We are all human and disney is not in charge of others common sense nor yours! Thats what scares me the most! I rather stay home w my kids then deal w all that at the parks as a cm.

  3. Rebel Orange Bird

    I just been canceled by disney for my vacation down in july but then again i am in ny and not going anywhere! So i guess its for the best but heads up.

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