Oink Oink! Babirusa Piglet Born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

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babirusa piglet

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It’s another happy day in baby land, the animal baby land!  This year, Disney’s Animal Kingdom has welcomed quite a few new animals into the world.  Earlier this year we were introduced to a Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal, JB, a Prehensile-tailed porcupette, Shelley, and another Hartmann’s mountain zebra foal, Asha.  Now the latest birth at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a Babirusa piglet.

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Disney’s Animal Kingdom Babirusa Piglet

On May 6th, Babirusa Betty gave birth to a baby girl Babirusa piglet.  Dr. Mark Penning, who gains more followers on Instagram every day with his loving animal posts, shared with us today this great news.  He said, “Our Disney animal care team has chosen to name her Kirana, which translates to “sunbeam” in Indonesian…They’re known for their unique snouts and magnificent tusks that can grow up to almost 17 inches!”

Babirusas, also known as deer pig, are an endangered species from the hog family that are native to the rainforest like in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.  They’ll have close relatives with several species at Disney’s Animal Kingdom like the warthogs at Kilimanjaro Safari (like Pumbaa from The Lion King,) and KuneKune pigs at Affection Section.  Kirana’s parents, Betty and Mentari, were chosen for breeding in order to conserve the particular species.  Over many years,  the Disney Animal Care Team has worked with Species Survival Plan (SSP) overseen by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums figure out a way to breed Babirusas.

Babirusa piglet

The Disney Conservation Fund

The Disney Conservation Fund works to conserve the livelihood of animals so that extinction doesn’t happen and offspring can continue.  They support projects that protect habitat that threatened animals live in such as Babirusa Pigs.  Just last month, The Disney Conservation Fund celebrated 25 years of servicing our wildlife friends in the world’s animal kingdom.  This gives us the opportunity to learn more about different species of all kinds of animals so we may all live together in Hakuna Matata harmony.

Disney Conservation Fund
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