Calm Your Way to a Peaceful Night’s Sleep With Disney Piano Music!

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Disney Peaceful Piano Calm App

Credit: Calm

Many of you have probably seen ads for the Calm app on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.  The app allows you different tools for sleep, meditation, and music.  And now, Disney music has come to the Calm app to help us all relax with the Disney Peaceful Piano music series.

Calm App

The Calm App is a subscription-based app that has a vast varieties of calming techniques for you can choose from depending on what you’re looking to get out of it.  There are guided meditations for focus, anxiety, sleep, and etc. I’m a frequent user of the app for soundscapes to fall asleep to, but it’s also great for yoga, meditation, and just overall finding some peace in your day.  They have different versions of everything that is suited for kids and adults to best fit our needs.

In the music section, you can find instrumental music, nature sounds, along with other relaxing music that you would find in a spa.  One of the most popular sections of the app is the sleep stories.  You can even find on that is Beauty and the Beast read in its native language of French.

Beauty and the Beast Calm App
Credit: Calm

Disney Peaceful Piano Series

The latest release that has both Disney fans and Calm app users are very excited for is a new music playlist, Disney Peaceful Piano! The Calm app now has a Disney Peaceful Piano playlist of classic Disney songs.  They are meant to be used as a lullaby for kids to fall into deep sleep and dream about magical things, but I currently have it playing in the background as a work playlist to help me focus.

Through their collaboration with Disney, the Calm app has taken popular songs from Disney Princess movies and turned them into five instrumental versions of classical music.  You’ll hear a song from Cinderella, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan, and Sleeping Beauty.  Hopefully, this is only the beginning of their partnership and we’ll see more songs and maybe sleep stories soon.  If you’re looking for some calming Disney tunes, then hurry over to your App Store and download the Calm app.

Calm Disney Peaceful Piano
Credit: Calm

Other Great Calming Disney Sounds

The Calm App isn’t the only place you can find calming Disney sounds.  If you’re a Disney Parks lover, you’ll love the peaceful scenes of the Walt Disney World Resort.  For something you can study to or just relax, you’ll love this compiled musical playlist.  Some people prefer to work with a background sounds, and these are great sounds for you work day.  Now for an escape around the Disney Parks around the world, this playlist will help you take flight!

Calm App Once Upon a Dream
Credit: Calm

Whatever sounds you choose, hopefully these will soothe all your worries away.

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