What Happens to Disney Characters During Quarantine? This Artwork Shows Us!

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Ever wonder how your favorite hero or villain reacts to stay safe at home isolation? We may have found the answer via artist “aldoarts”, who gives us several humorous possibilities to the behavior of Disney characters during quarantine.

We’ve all dealt with the anxiety, boredom, loneliness, and several other discomforts during stay safe at home requirements.  From heartwarming connections, awkward situations and outright LOL moments, aldoarts’ images suggest we’re not the only ones dealing with these situations.

Disney Characters during quarantine no pants

In addition to current events, AL, the artist known as aldoarts on Instagram, credits his childhood diet of Disney movies, via VHS video tapes, as part of his inspiration for Disney character parody artwork.

Some of my recent pieces came about from the COVID-19 pandemic. I have some extra time (and motivation & inspiration) to create them due to being in quarantine. I wanted to find a way to spread some joy and find some light in the situation that we’re all in. I thought it was a good idea to combine Disney characters  -aldoart (as told to Bored Panda)


Take a look at Disney Characters during quarantine

These amusing works of art reveal that anyone from a Disney Princess to an intergalactic sensation is not immune to a funny parody when it comes to self-isolation issues. Disney fans, especially, will enjoy these favorite characters dealing with life in quarantine.

Disney Characters during quarantine zoom

The challenge of finding an adequate supply of toilet paper was not lost on this artist.  Now see how Aladdin, Belle & Beast and Hercules (thanks to a newly imagined song) deal with the issue:

Last roll

Disney Characters during quarantine new roll

Disney Characters during quarantine Hercules song

Continuing the TP topic, Prince Charmin(g), along with a few others discovers that using pandemic-powered pick-up lines may not be the best course of action.

Disney Characters during quarantine Charmin

Gaston library

Disney Characters during quarantine snow white

Social distancing appears to have an impact on a few memorable moments from animated Disney stories.  Lady and the Tramp’s Bella Note date and a touching Little Mermaid themed scene featuring a FaceTime call between Ariel and her father are just a couple examples.

Bella Note

Disney Characters during quarantine boat

Ariel Facetime

Of course, dining out turned to take out as evidenced by these scenes with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Aladdin, Jasmine, Prince Eric and Homer Simpson (yes, Homer’s part of the Disney character family now, too).

McDonalds take out

Disney Characters during quarantine Pizza delivery

Homer Simpson Krusty burger

All of that take out and stay at home snacking can have an adverse effect on one’s figure.  Aladdin and Jasmine found this out that, this too, is a whole new world.  They also learn to lament the loss of access to barber shops.

Disney Characters during quarantine Jasmine snacks

Aladdin gut

Disney Characters during quarantine bad clip

Sadly, we’ve all had to cancel or change any plans involving large gatherings.  Cinderella and the Prince, as well as Ariel faced similar issues.

Disney Characters during quarantine changed plans

Cancel Plans

 Even a familiar character or two from Star Wars were not exempt from the parade of pandemic related parody panels.

Disney Characters during quarantine the Child

Somehow it helps to see these adverse conditions with beloved Disney characters shown in a humorous light.  Coping with self-isolation has its challenges.

However, thanks to the creative parody magic of Instagram artist aldoarts, we have the opportunity to smile and laugh at a few of these headaches. Don’t miss the rest of this incredible talent, checkout the entire collection and more here.

Disney Characters during quarantine 6 feet apart

Which of these Disney Characters during quarantine scenes appealed to you the most?  Please share your smiles in the comments.

Source and images: aldoarts Instagram page, Bored Panda

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