Chairman Bob Iger Shares Update from The Walt Disney Company During Crisis

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Bob Iger Resumes CEO Title

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During The Walt Disney Company’s Fiscal Second Quarter 2020 Financial Results Conference Call, Chairman and former CEO Bob Iger shared an update from Disney during the current crisis.

“Obviously much has changed in the world since our last earnings call, and the challenges we are now facing are unprecedented,” Iger shared. “As someone who’s been around for a while and led this company through some really tough days over these last 15 years … I have absolute confidence in our ability to get through this challenging period and recover successfully.”

Iger also shared more of his thoughts regarding how Disney has handled the crisis. He shared that himself and Bob Chapek — who was named CEO in February — “continue to work in partnership in support of the company’s objectives and to ensure a smooth and successful transition.” Disney continues to take an “all hands on deck” approach to address the difficulties the company is facing.

Iger reiterated that Disney has maintained its connection with consumers through this crisis, according to recent studies. “What we create has never been more necessary or more important than right now,” he said.

“People want good news, they want to experience joy and the feeling of togetherness, and for all these reasons we will continue to tell stories that uplift and enrich people’s lives,” said Iger.

The chairman concluded his statements by expressing his gratitude for all medical professionals in teh U.S., everyone who has stayed home to flatten the curve, and all employees at The Walt Disney Company around the world who have shown ingenuity, commitment, patience, and understanding during this time.

“I have no doubt that we will get through this, but it will take some time.”

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