Stop the Press: Baby Yoda Cereal is Coming Soon!

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Star Wars Baby Yoda cereal

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The Star Wars community’s obsession with The Mandalorian’s adopted child, better known as Baby Yoda, knows no limits. He’s become a meme, a Disney World icon, and the face of baked goods and coffee cups alike. You can’t log into Facebook and Twitter or glance at any television screens without seeing the galaxy’s favorite baby.

Star Wars fans have flocked to buy Baby Yoda merchandise in droves. Most recently, Disney and Hasbro released a Baby Yoda themed Monopoly board to coincide with Star Wars Day.

Well, put down your Baby Yoda Funko pops and action figures, because there’s a fun new way to appreciate the little green baby; he’s now on your cereal box!

baby yoda soup
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Star Wars The Child Baby Yoda Cereal

Star Wars Baby Yoda cereal
Source: General Mills

Food provider General Mills is rebranding their Star Wars cereal to feature the adorable little baby around August time. They’re also putting Baby Yoda on the box of their popular fruit roll-ups snack, which is expected to land in September.

Pretty soon, you’ll be able to put everyone’s favorite baby in your shopping cart after a trip to the cereal aisle!

What is in Star Wars The Child Baby Yoda Cereal?

The new Baby Yoda cereal contains little green pieces of corn puffs and candy melts. The delicious cereal also features green marshmallows in the shape of Baby Yoda’s head.

Best of all, you can find a big picture of the little star of the galaxy staring back at you on every Baby Yoda cereal box.

It’s always interesting to see what advertising deal Disney will make and what creative ways brands will choose to make a toy, drink, or food product. Personally, I think this fruity flavored cereal is ready to take store shelves (and social media) by storm!

Check out your nearest cereal shelves in August and pick up your own box of Baby Yoda cereal. I love the little guy and can’t wait to try a bowl of Baby Yoda cereal as soon as possible!

baby yoda
Credit: Lucasfilm

Will you be picking up this Star Wars-themed cereal? What is your favorite Disney themed cereal? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Jedi News

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