Universal Inspired Hallmark Keepsakes Include ‘Harry Potter’ Magic

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Ornaments inspired in Universal Theme Parks

For many, early Christmas decorating delivers excellent escapism for those required to stay at home. Fortunately, a host of Universal inspired Hallmark Keepsakes just materialized, making holiday decor decisions much more magical.

From familiar faces of fan favorite theme park characters to attraction inspired holiday fun, Hallmark unveiled its 2020 collection of Keepsake ornaments this month.  For fans missing the magic of their favorite theme parks, these small treasures offer must have mementos of much missed magic.

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A minion wearing lights in his head and using a megaphone

Undoubtedly, Spring of 2020 became a season of unprecedented change and hardship. As safety measures included shuttering theme parks around the world, precautionary directions included sores of stay at home edicts. During this safe at home confinement, many turned to holiday decorating as a cooped-up coping mechanism.

Hagrids house toy

Thanks to Hallmark, holiday decorations receive a bit more inspiration this month. A peek into the recently released online offering of Keepsake Ornaments not only reveals a happy holiday host of adorable accoutrements; new products include several theme park Christmas ornament related revelations!

Universal inspired Hallmark Keepsakes include Harry Potter Keepsake collectables

Buckbeak leaps from the cover if this Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban book ornament.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes book

Illuminated by a single bulb (from a strand of tree-strung holiday lights), Hagrid’s Hut casts a comforting glow to any muggle or wizard home this holiday season.

Hallmark already introduced its lights and sound collection of Harry Potter interactive ornaments last year.  2020 reveals more magic for the Wizarding World Keepsake collection. Hagrid and Dumbledore join Harry, Ron and Hermione and the Hogwarts tree topper for movie inspired magic.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Hagrid

Dumbledore figurine

Harry Potters castle and Harry Potter, Hermoine, and Ron figurines

Finally, for Potter fans finding themselves in need of a finishing tough to their Wizarding World inspired Christmas tree, this luxurious tree skirt offers a perfect solution.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes tree skirt

Universal Park Characters create Hallmark Keepsake Christmas cheer

Potentially perfect peek-proof present protection provided with this Despicable Me Minion Peekbuster ornament.

Hallmark describes the mayhem managing minion:

Don’t worry about any present-peekers in your house with this merry Minion on duty! Just hang this fun Christmas tree ornament near the gifts you want to protect, and turn it on. Any movement near the gifts results in lights and warning messages from the lovable little yellow Minion who stands guard to keep your packages under wraps until the big day (battery-operated).

Also found roaming Universal theme parks, the Grinch and Scooby and the gang’s Mystery machine join Poppy Rocks (Trolls World Tour) and Max (Secret Life of Pets 2) as new Hallmark holiday must-haves.

musical grinch

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Mystery Machine

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Poppy

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Max

Hallmark Keepsake Attraction inspired ornaments

Forthcoming Epic Universe theme park receives a few fun tree trimming treasures. Nintendo games like Mario Cart and Mario World join Donkey Kong become new Keepsake collectables.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Yoshi


Universal Inspired Keepsakes Donkey Kong

Additional attraction amusements arrive representing fan favorites like Transformers, Jurassic World, and the above shown Harry Potter ornaments.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Transformers


A pair of past park pleasures provide reminders of attractions no longer around. Both Back to the Future and Jaws join the keepsake family.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Marty


There’s even an amusing tip of the tree to one of the park’s newer attractions: Fast and the Furious. Although Looney Toons characters don’t typically appear at Universal theme parks, this tickle-your-funny-bone tribute fits nicely.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Fast and Furryous

Finally, fresh from Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights, Stranger Things’ monstrous menace, the Demigorgon delivers a bit of Halloween for Christmas.

Universal Inspired Keepsakes Demigorgon

Complete your collection of Universal themed Hallmark ornaments

All of these happy holiday treasures arrive in Hallmark stores between July 11th and October 3rd this year! Prices range from $15.99 to $119.99.  Until then, check out the complete Keepsake collection, including Universal Studio Parks and Disney themed ornaments as found in the 2020 Dream Book from Hallmark.

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Universal Inspired Keepsakes Dream Book

story book Grinch

Source and images: Hallmark

Which Universal theme park inspired Keepsake Ornament are you most looking forward to?

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