Hallmark Launches Keepsake ‘Star Wars’ Surprises for Christmas 2020

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Star Wars figurines

Feel the festive side of the Force with these all-new Hallmark Keepsake Star Wars surprises from Hallmark. Enjoy new franchise fun from the Mandalorian as well as classics from a galaxy far, far away.

This April, Hallmark published its annual Keepsake Dream Book. The holiday catalog showcases scores of seasonal swag, including famous franchise favorites and classic Christmas collections.

Perhaps the most successful and popular product line in this year’s holiday line up is that of Star Wars. Not only did the franchise change how movies are merchandised when it was released in 1977, it continues to be a fan favorite today. Now owned by the Walt Disney Company, Force fueled fun is found on Disney+ as well as at Galaxy’s Edge in Disneyland (California) and Disney’s Hollywood Studios (Florida).

Star Wars: Millennium Falcon – Smugglers Run

Hallmark is no stranger to the Star Wars saga.  Keepsake ornaments have featured Luke, Darth and more for years. George Lucas’ famous films even help launch Hallmark’s Storyteller line of holiday magic. This year’s offerings include characters from the successful Disney+ series, The Mandalorian.

Keepsake Star Wars Surprises

Keepsake Star Wars small screen surprises from The Mandalorian

First up in this seasonal selection of Star Wars surprises are a few familiar faces from Disney’s online masterpiece, The Mandalorian.


Gun drawn and ready for action, the Mandalorian, himself, arrives in Hallmark stores on October 3rd.  This 4.2-inch-tall ornament requires a bounty of $19.99 to purchase.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises mandalorian

Of course, the true star of this Star Wars series is none other than the Child. Unofficially known as Baby Yoda, this adorable 50-year-old infant joins the Keepsake family on October 3rd.  Riding in his floating crib, the cute creature costs $19.99 to be apart of the holidays at home.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises Child

Finally, this wood, pull string ornament is more toy than tree trimming treasure.  A gentle tug of blue Sorgan frog causes the Child’s arms and ears to move.  Find this fun creature in stores on July 11th for a cost of $15.99.

wood toy

Hallmark Keepsake ornaments celebrates The Empire Strikes Back 40th Anniversary

1980 saw the long anticipated Star Wars sequel The Empire Strikes Back blast into theaters. This clever cliff-hanger introduced us to Boba Fett and revealed a sinister Skywalker family surprise.  In celebration of the film’s fortieth anniversary, Hallmark offers a small collection of Keepsake ornaments from the movie.

The Empire Strikes Back

Menacing and gigantic, AT-AT Walkers lead the attack on Hoth. On Star Wars Day (May the 4th – be with you) an all metal miniature version of this mech materializes at Hallmark stores.  Fans must find and part with $29.99 to own this collectable ornament.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises AT-AT

We first met Jedi Master Yoda in the 1980 sequel.  Exiled on Degohah, the small but powerful Jedi Master taught Luke Skywalker how to master the Force. This year, Yoda returns as a sound and motion Keepsake ornament on October 3rd ($39.99).


One of Yoda’s impressive lessons to Luke was demonstrating the power of the Force by way of resurfacing Skywalker’s X-wing.  This moment is memorialized in a plant covered X-wing ornament ($32.99). Luke’s Dagobah decorated X-wing returns again on July 11th.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises TESB Xwing

Princess Leia and Chewbacca’s The Empire Strikes Back ornament isn’t actually based on a scene from the film.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises Leia and Chewie

According to Hallmark:

Go behind the scenes for the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back with beloved characters Princess Leia and Chewbacca. Inspired by an iconic set photo, this Christmas tree ornament features the towering Wookiee affectionately holding the petite princess, dressed in her Bespin gown.

This $24.99 cute collectable comes to stores October 3rd.

Chewbacca and Princess Leia

The final entries in the fortieth festivities arrive (on October 3rd) in miniature form.  Luke hurried to face Vader on Bespin, bringing about a turning point in character dynamics. Both Luke (in “Bespin brown”) and Vader reemerge as tiny tree trimming treasures less than two inches tall.  Each ornament costs $8.99.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises mini Vader

Keepsake Star Wars surprises Mini Luke

More Keepsake Star Wars Saga Surprises

BB-8 bounced into the Skywalker saga in Star Wars: the Force Awakens. Now the amazing astromech has his own Hallmark ornament. This $18.99 holiday treat also features several sounds along with extreme detailing.  BB-8 is available on July 11th.

Star Wars Talking Plush

A pair of LEGO Star Wars figures represent infamous smuggling partners Han Solo and Chewbacca. This tiny toy tree trimming team takes to the shelves at Hallmark stores on October 3rd. Each ornament requires forfeiting $16.99.

Hallmark Han Solo Lego Star Wars Keepsake Ornament 2020

Chewbacca holding a harpoon figurine

Red-5, Luke Skywalker’s call sign when flying his X-wing fighter, joins this year’s Star Wars collection as a decorative helmet. The “talking” ornament replay several of Skywalker’s comments while piloting the small fighter. Find this $19.99 replica helmet at Hallmark on October 3rd.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises red5

Displaying the power of the Dark Side of the Force, Darth Vader’s “A Lack of Faith” scene comes to life with infamous audio from the first Star Wars film. Fans have to wait until July 11th to take this treasure home ($29.99).

Tiny trees find Force fueled fun from Hallmark, too

In addition to the small-scale Luke and Vader, listed above, Hallmark has added to its miniature ornament collection with these collectables from a galaxy far, far away.


Luke Skywalker’s X-wing is ready to face off against Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter. Each small spacecraft flies into stores on October 3rd (at a cost of $9.99 each).

mini xwing

Keepsake Star Wars surprises Vader TIE

What do Darth Vader, Boba Fett, C-3P0 and a Stormtrooper have in common? If you are talking about Hallmark Keepsake ornaments, then the correct answer is that they are all part of a set of 4 miniature ornaments which appear in stores on July 11th ($29.99 for the set).


Finally, to top of this epic Star Wars pint-sized selection of tree trimming treasures, Hallmark, on October 3rd, releases a mighty miniature Death Star tree topper! The price to perch this piece of Star Wars décor atop a small Christmas tree at home is only $11.99.

Keepsake Star Wars surprises DS tree topper

Beyond Star Wars Hallmark Keepsake Treasures

All of the above Star Wars saga swag (and few more space saga items not shown) can be found in this year’s Dream Book.  Christmas fun from Harry Potter, Disney and much more begs for attention in the new catalog.

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Dream Book showing a horse ornament hanging from a Christmas tree

Which of these Keepsake Star Wars surprises call out to you?

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