Tom Holland to Host Marvel Themed Pub Quiz on Instagram!

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Tom Holland and Spiderman

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Ah, the pub quiz. An English institution that is as well known to me as it is fellow Brit and Spider-Man and Onward actor Tom Holland.

This Wednesday night Holland will host an Instagram pub quiz to raise funds for The Brother Trust, a charity set up by his parents. The charity collects money which it then distributes to other charities in need.

The Homecoming Trilogy and Avengers: Infinity War star has perhaps unsurprisingly chosen to make the online quiz show Marvel themed, something that will certainly please MCU movie fans like myself.

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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Holland told Jimmy Kimmel about the quiz over a video conference interview;

‘The Brothers Trust is a fundraising vehicle that we use to raise money from the general public that we feed towards charities that we feel need the light and the support.’

‘We feel a little bit uncomfortable asking people for money at this difficult time so we as a collective have been doing the donations … The reason why we’re doing this pub quiz is just to galvanise people and to give people a sense of community and to kind of bring people and just have a laugh and have a good time.’

The Spider-Man Far From Home actor is no stranger to bold displays of passion, as we learned from his drunken call to Disney CEO Bob Iger, begging him to return Peter Parker to the MCU.

We think it’s awesome that Tom is using his platform for good by creating something that people will not only enjoy but will greatly benefit our most vulnerable. He’s one of several movie stars who are engaging in online activities to try and raise both spirits and funds.

The quiz will take place at 3 pm ET this Wednesday on Tom Holland’s personal Instagram account.

Pints and crisps not provided.

Will you be joining the Tom Holland pub quiz? What is your favorite role of Holland’s? Let us know in the comments below!

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