Man Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Family Disney Vacation

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According to Business Insider, a Disneyland Paris guest returned home to Spain and tested positive for COVID-19. Along with his son, who recovered quickly, he started to feel ill quickly upon his return.

The guest shares his experience dealing with crowded hospitals and overflowing toilets, as he returned when the pandemic was at its peak in his home country.

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Credit: Ignacio Montes Jovellar, Video Director of Axel Springer Spain. Business Insider España

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Ignacio Montes Jovellar, Video Director of Axel Springer Spain, shared that he visited Disneyland Paris on March 8th for a vacation with his family. His 7-year old son began to feel ill, and then his health began to decline.

“After the trip, however, my eldest son, who’s seven years old, began to feel ill. Thankfully, he was unwell only for a few days. But the virus was already in our home. Not long after, I began to experience the first symptoms, too. They initially resembled the normal flu, with a runny nose, sneezing, and a fever” Jovellar shared.

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He later confirmed that it was in fact Coronavirus that he had contracted. It’s hard to say if they contracted the disease at Disneyland Paris Resort, however, because infected people can be asymptomatic, this is a possibility.

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Credit: Disney Parks

Ignacio had to navigate the illness during the peak of the crisis in Spain and shares the horrors of the conditions of the healthcare facilities. “As well as being filled with people, the toilets were overflowing.”

This unfortunate story does have a happy ending as Ignacio did make a full recovery!

“Thankfully, everything started to improve after the third day of taking antibiotics. I started to see a light at the end of the tunnel and feeling like myself again.”

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Ignacio took the opportunity of this experience to share some advice and encouragement for anyone that might be facing this very difficult situation. He added: “Even if it’s a long process, my advice to anyone affected by the coronavirus is to stay as calm as you can. And one thing I’ve learned is that, as much as they tell you to stay home, if you see no improvement, you may need to consider going to the hospital to see a doctor.”

We’re glad to learn you made a full recovery, Ignacio!

We hope this tale is a reminder to stay home, practice social distancing, so we can stay well and flatten the curve. That way we can all return to the magic when it is safe to do so!

Source: Business Insider

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