Disneyland and Disney World Presidents Share Heartfelt Messages on Social Media

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Disneyland and Disney World Presidents heartwarming message

“It is a dark day for the Republic…” There is no joking about it this time. We are actually entering the month of April with both the Disneyland Resort and the Walt Disney World Resort closed until further notice.

As such sorrows of March overflow into April, as we struggle to keep the magic going, Disneyland President Rebecca Campbell and Walt Disney World President Josh D’Amaro took to Social Media today to share a heartwarming message to all Disney fans: guests, CMs and CPs alike.

“Inside Walt Disney’s apartment overlooking Town Square at Disneyland, a light has shone through the window above the firehouse for decades. It glows as a source of inspiration to our cast and our guests as a remembrance of the man who once looked out that window to the sights of happy families making memories below.
Tonight, even in a world filled with so much uncertainty, that light still shines, bright as ever. I’m looking forward to the day when families can make memories once again.” –Rebecca Campbell

“While our world looks very different today, one thing endures…the American flag still flies over Walt Disney World. I’m inspired how our Security Cast Members continue to raise it each and every morning at Magic Kingdom while they are on duty protecting the magic. It’s a symbol that we’re still here and will not falter. I hope this inspires you as well. We will be back. Thanks to all our incredible Cast Members who continue to maintain the magic until that day. Until then, please take care of yourselves and your families. We will see you soon.” Josh D’Amaro


If this were a Disney film, we are now in the “low point,” as every prince and princess must find themselves. But they always pull through to rise up even stronger than ever to win the day and secure their Happily Ever After. One day soon the parks will reopen, the rides will be turned back on and the fireworks will light up the night sky once more. And there is no doubt that when that happens, nobody will be happier than these two Disney leaders. Keep the faith, Disniacs. We’ll get through this together!

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