Say “Namaste” With These Gorgeous Disney Princess Yoga Illustrations!

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Credit: Disney/Reddit user Clementine Petrova

Having done yoga since I was a teenager, these beautiful Disney Princess yoga illustrations shared by Reddit user Clementine Petrova immediately spoke to me.

disney princess yoga poses
Credit: Reddit/Clementine Petrova

Petrova included four Disney Princesses in her yoga series and picking a favorite is tough work. Each of these Princess drawings perfectly showcases that particular character’s personality and we can’t get enough!

mulan yoga warrior 2
Credit: Reddit/Clementine Petrova

This modern-day rendering of Mulan shows the Chinese warrior Princess appropriately doing “Warrior 2” pose. Mulan wears leggings with an Asian flower motif and has Chinese symbols tattooed on her forearm.

We think this is exactly what she would look like in a contemporary yoga studio!

pocahontas tree pose
Credit: Reddit/Clementine Petrova

Pocahontas practices her “Tree” asana (perhaps a nod to Grandmother Willow!) while wearing a fringed athletic bra and her famous turquoise necklace from the animated Disney film.

rapunzel downward dog
Credit: Reddit/Clementine Petrova

Princess Rapunzel practices her “Downward Dog” with a little help from Pascal! We love this super cute drawing of the Tangled duo and we can absolutely see Punzie adding yoga to her “usual morning line-up”!

belle yoga
Credit: Reddit/Clementine Petrova

Belle’s yoga practice includes her reading glasses and a book in hand (as if we expected anything else from the bookworm Disney Princess!)

We love how Belle didn’t even bother to change out of her famous blue dress before starting her daily yoga practice…it seems 100% true to character.

Do you love these Disney Princess yoga drawings? What other yoga poses would you like to see your favorite Princesses try? Tell us in the comments!

Disney Princess Reinvention

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Do you prefer the original versions of the Disney Princesses or these artistic reinventions?

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