Marvel Actor Clark Gregg Donates Cameo Income to First Responders

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Agent Coulson Actor Cameo Donations

Once again, SHIELD Agent Phil Coulson is doing his part to help protect humanity, this time off the silver screen.

Marvel Actor, Clark Gregg–the man responsible for bringing our beloved secret agent to life in the Marvel Cinematic Universe both in film and in the television series Agents of Shieldhas announced that he will be donating all of his Cameo earnings to first responders and others on the front lines fighting the current pandemic. All of the proceeds will go to the Frontline Responders Fund.

Gregg made the announcement on Instagram sharing a video message and writing,

“Find me on cameo (link in bio) and let me make a video message for a friend, a loved one, a crush, a supervillain, you name it. Every dime I make will go to the Frontline Responders Fund.”

Gregg brings out his inner Agent Coulson in his address speaking from the heart and trying to rally his agents to do some good.

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Wait, what do you mean by “Cameo”?

Cameo is one of the coolest inventions to come out of the era of video sharing. For a small fee, you can have your favorite actor, athlete, or celebrity share a very special message directly to you or whoever. Get your friend’s favorite singer to sing him or her “Happy Birthday,” or post a not-so-binding video of your favorite movie star endorsing your favorite sports team or your organization. The possibilities are really endless.

Now, you can get a message from Agent Coulson himself. Imagine how much your little Marvel fan’s spirit will be lifted getting a message from the SHIELD agent addressing him or her as an agent of SHIELD and explaining the assigned mission: “Stay Inside and keep up the good work.” You can personally write the message or you can simply explain the gist of the message and he will write his own thing.

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This is a fun way to keep the magic alive in your household while also doing your part to do some good in this fight. Click here to get started!

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Have you ever used Cameo? Do you know someone who would love a message from Agent Coulson? Where does Agent Coulson rank on your list of favorite Marvel characters? Let us know in the comments!

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