Coping with Disney Park Closures: Take a (Virtual) Walk Through Disneyland!

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Virtual Walk Through Disneyland

Credit: Fresh Baked on YouTube

“A leisurly stroll is a gift.” -Saving Mr. Banks.

It’s a tough time for Disniacs right now, but the internet and our online Disney communities can make this time of park closure and social distancing a little easier to deal with. Just because we can’t physically be at the Disneyland Resort today doesn’t mean we still can’t allow ourselves to feed off the magic. Fresh Baked on YouTube posted a POV video on their YouTube page that lets you virtually walk around the Happiest Place on Earth. We’ve shared that video below.

So let’s combine technology with a little imagination, and let’s relive some Disney magic.

This video is an hour long. So, we understand if you can’t enjoy the entire walk in one sitting. But just know that a Disneyland Park experience is here online ready for you to enjoy and escape the struggles of reality as you usually would.

It is a beautiful day to be in the original Magic Kingdom. It is a sunny Southern California day, and the crowds aren’t too crazy. The park music is playing, every ride is operating. The YouTuber also does not miss a single corner of Disneyland. So, feel free to cut to your favorite section of the theme park to use the most of your “work from home” break to soak up the sights and sounds of your favorite area. Whether that’s just in front of the Main Street Train Station, watching the train chug in bell ringing, or taking a stroll down Main Street, U.S.A. right up to Sleeping Beauty Castle. Or take in Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Frontierland, or whichever themed land is your happy place.

It true, we can’t take in the smells, or hop aboard our favorite rides, but we can still get a little magic. Remember, it only takes a little bit of pixie dust to lift us off the ground. Our happy thoughts do the rest of the work.

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Credit: Disney

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What do you miss most about Disneyland Resort? Do you miss Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure more? Let us know in the comments!

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