Universal Studios Releases Statement on Coronavirus

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Universal Studios Coronavirus Statement

Coronavirus fears continue to grip the United States, causing scores of events to be canceled across the country to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

However, Universal Studios follows Disney’s lead keeping its theme parks in Florida and California open. Tom Schroder, a spokesman for Universal Studios, explained that while they remain open, health is a top priority for Universal Team Members.

He told the Hollywood Reporter:

“We are in frequent contact with health officials, our own health experts and others in our industry and we are closely monitoring the situation. We are communicating with our team members and reinforcing our best-practice health and hygiene procedures.  We are also educating them on basic preventive measures. In addition, we are reviewing and enhancing our already aggressive cleaning protocols. And for the comfort and convenience of our guests, we are increasing the number of hand-sanitizer units in our parks. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and be ready to act as needed.”

Like Tokyo Disney Resort, Universal Studios Japan also closed its doors on February 28 after a request from the Japanese Prime Minister. Like Tokyo Disneyland, Univeral Studios Japan is scheduled to reopen on March 15, 2020.

Universal Studios Singapore
Credit: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore

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Due to Coronavirus, Tokyo Disney Resort Extends Closure Into Spring Season

Here is the official statement on the theme Park website:

Universal Studios Japan announces the temporary closure of our park in order to prevent the spread of Novel Coronavirus within the nation. We will carefully monitor the situation. The period that we are closed may change according to the situation and in that case we will make further announcement.
All tickets can be refundable only by your travel agency not in the park.

As for Universal Studios Singapore, that theme Park has remained open through the outbreak concern with extreme sanitation measures being enforced.

Universal Studios Singapore
Credit: https://www.rwsentosa.com/en/attractions/universal-studios-singapore

Here is Universal Singapore’s official statement:

As Singapore resolves to overcome COVID-19, RWS has also strengthened our efforts to ensure the health, safety and well-being of our guests and employees. You have our assurance that RWS has intensified cleaning, disinfection and sanitisation across all areas with increased frequency. Mandatory temperature checks, including thermal scanners, are in place for guests and employees. We continue to welcome guests to enjoy our various attractions and offerings

We at Inside the Magic want to remind our readers not to be afraid to keep their planned Universal Studios Resort vacation. While the new virus is daunting, the fatality rate for the infectious disease is shallow – -less than 0.5% for people under the age of 50 — and the risk of catching it in the U.S. is still meager, according to the CDC and other members of the Coronavirus task force. No travel restrictions have been declared on domestic travel, and health officials usually want people to go about life.  You can read more about Coronavirus on the official CDC website.

However, as a precaution from spreading anything, we want to echo Universal’s statement to please wash your hands, and if you are feeling ill — especially with flu-like symptoms — please stay home from the parks or any public areas and see a doctor.

Have you visited Universal Studios in Florida or California lately? Do you have a trip planned for the near future, and are you still planning to go? Let us know in the comments!

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