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Universal Studios Coronavirus Statement


  1. Peggy

    We have been planning our belated honeymoon for months and are still coming to Orlando. To much hype…not keeping us away…

    1. Sheils

      Still going to all the parks Discovery cove, Busch gardens, Seaworld, Disney & Universal May 8th.

  2. Carol

    Yes, we will be visiting for Spring break next week. Can’t wait

    1. Julie

      How do we get our money back we where supose to go the entire week they are closed. And can’t get a hold of anyone

  3. Jessica Buckner

    Yes we are still planning on going at the end of April to California.

    1. Mary

      Yea me nd the family goin on 8th of may

    2. Patty

      Will be there in July. Hopefully over by then. This is nuts.

  4. Tom

    Going to Universal Orlando this weekend. Terrorist didn’t keep me home neither will a big. Will bring plenty of hand sanitizer.

  5. Harley

    Floridians are more worried about if theres no rain the fire season could be bad and that will only make allergies worse! Amongst everything else that comes w fires!

    1. Sheils

      Still going to all the parks Discovery cove, Busch gardens, Seaworld, Disney & Universal May 8th.

  6. Heather Zabolotny

    Heading to Universal Studios Hollywood the first week of April. As long as they stay open, we are coming!!!

  7. Liliana

    Hi!! We are from Mexico, we will be there on first week of april, we hope everything will be ok, we have planned since last year

  8. Monsikan Chaiyakit

    I will go there on this Sunday. Actually i am worried but still really want to go there before i am heading back to my country on the end of March. And might have no chance again.

    1. Julie

      How do we get our money back we where supose to go the entire week they are closed. And can’t get a hold of anyone

  9. markie

    we will be going next weekend.

    1. G

      None of you will be coming. FLORIDA IS CLOSED!!

  10. Andrew Thelwell

    We are scheduled to come in April. Feeling nervous right now but hoping to still come!

  11. Michele Willingham

    We are now under State of Emergency and was told not to travel. Our airlines and hotels are letting us reschedule, however if you purchase tickets to Hollywood Universal Studios, they declined us to let us use the tickets at a later time. During this tine of extenuating circumstances and even the President has declared this a global pandemic, you would hope Universal Studios would do better. Please reconsider refunding our tickets, I would hate for you to lose a good customer.

    1. Jill

      They should at the very least let you use them at a different time!!! That is ridiculous!!

  12. Blanca

    Heading to Universal Hollywood this spring break!

  13. Andrea Calvillo

    Yes, my family and I will be there for spring break on the 21st

  14. Was just at universal studios the week of 2/23/20. Had the blast of a life time. I went many years ago when kids were young. Now they are much older and I have a granddaughter. We all went and WOW my husband and I are a little outdated but granddaughter helped us out. My youngest is 23 doesn’t remember being at Disney and universal when he was 3; he loved it and can’t wait to go to Disney. He is active military and hope he can get there soon.

    1. Dee

      Were going Spring break.


    I am a Central Florida resident and Universal Studios Orlando Annual Passholder. I have passes for my seven year old granddaughter as well. Despite living less than 20 miles from Universal Studios and it being our favorite park here, we don’t get to visit frequently because of work and school schedule conflicts. Last year, I planned a surprise trip to Universal for four days at an onsite hotel. I have looked forward to the joy my princess would have at finally being able to rides she has neen unanle to on other trips and actually spending quality time with her one on one like we used to do before she started school. Anyway, since her Spring Break begins Friday, I decided to finally tell her we are going next week. I also went out a purchased hand sanitizer, Lysol wipes, and need swim gear for her for the hotel’s pool. She is uber EXCITED and in the evening after homework asks me to show her POV ride videos. Well, last night my 29 year old son, her father, decided he would tell me how foolish I am for still wanting to go and that he may not allow my granddaughter to go. What!?! Regardless of how much I assured him with reports from Pence, the theme parks, etc…he is still against it. Not one report from an amusement park, not one in Orlando, major precautions taken,…we stand a greater risk of all types of illnesses from his wife who works in healthcare. Essentially, I am just over the mass hysteria of it all. Is it a pandemic? Yes. Is it cause for concern? Certainly. Should we cease existing? No. Should we alter some lifestyle habits? Definitely. The fact is the US has billions of residents and a little over 1200 cases have been reported here. This is neither Europe nor Asia, which have been most significantly impacted. Although we have not yet contained the virus, we know how to minimize its spread and to protect ourselves. I’m just not ready to go into isolation yet. I don’t know. Maybe I am a fool, but for certain, I am heartbroken that my princess will be.

  16. Amy Lawshe

    Will be checking in to a Universal Resort later today. Blue Man Group tonight and parks tomorrow. Of course we’ll be continuing the practice of good hand washing!

  17. Lawrence Sommer

    Please get some hand sanitizer by the security station. Those plastic bins are continually reused by everyone entering.

  18. Anna Pikula

    We are going to Florida for spring break. I think everything will be OK

  19. Dee

    Just got back from universal and islands of adventure the lines were all short due to the scare we just made sure we used alot if hand santizer throughout the day after every ride and frequently washed our hands at the restrooms. Good luck yall

  20. Caitlyn Acree

    My husband and I are having a second honeymoon before we begin trying for children. We will be going to all of the Disney Parks and Universal. We are getting on that plane, going to Disney, and looking forward to shorter lines!

  21. Elsie

    This quote is irresponsible. The risk is based on the number of people tested, and we know that we are not testing an adequate number of individuals in the US. And, while the risk may be low for a 20-year old, it can easily be spread to her elderly family member who lives with her. Irresponsible. “We at Inside the Magic want to remind our readers, again, to not be afraid to keep their planned Universal Studios resort vacation. While the new virus is daunting, the fatality rate for the infectious disease is very low – -less than 0.5% for people under the age of 50 — and the risk of catching it in the U.S. is still very low according to the CDC and other members of the Coronavirus task force. No travel restrictions have been declared on domestic travel and health officials want people to go about life normally. You can read more about Coronavirus on the official CDC website.”

  22. celina Padilla

    Heading to universal Saturday hoping they don’t close driving really far to be there

  23. Pettit

    we went to Universal Studios last weekend for the Mardi Gras parade and the concert by REO Speedwagon. We are also going this weekend to the rum tasting dinner Sapphire Falls. last year the flu killed 16000 people, the news is hyping this coronavirus more than it is. The warmongering the fake news is putting out his nonsense it’s not going to stop us from doing what we normally do

  24. Sherri Kite

    My grandson and I are planning our Spring break vacation for the 21-25th. Looking forward to our trip, we’ll do nothing different…as we have always washed our hands.

  25. Jeff

    I have been to all three of Universal’s parks in Orlando, including city walk, over the last five days. We arrived on the 7th and throughout the entire stay all of the Universal properties have been clean with hand sanitizer stations all over the place. Staff can be seen wiping down fingerprint scanners after each guest has been processed and additional staff can be seen wiping down handrails and pretty much everything else guests come in contact with.

  26. Sara

    Definitely headed for vacation in April no matter what! Universal Orlando here we come!

  27. Wendie

    So Disney closed id Universal closing also 🙁 I hope not we are suppose to be there Monday!!

  28. Cindy

    So hows this affecting hhn???

    1. Harley

      You are not seriously asking this again!!! Thats in oct!!! One day at a time is hhn all you got??

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