Tom Holland Has Stolen Spider-Man Props from Marvel (He Tried to Take the Spidey Suit!)

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Tom Holland as Spider-Man

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It’s not uncommon for actors to want to take props from the sets of the films and TV shows they’re a part of. And, in Tom Holland‘s case, it’s perfectly normal for actors to actually steal these props. Holland recently admitted that he has stolen several Spider-Man props from Marvel whenever he’s played the web-slinger, and it doesn’t sound like he feels bad about it one bit.

In a BBC Radio 1 interview in which kids asked him difficult questions, Tom Holland shared that he has stolen several props from the sets of Spider-Man films, from web-shooters to Tony Stark’s glasses.

“Honestly, I’ve got a set of web-shooters from the Spider-Man suit, which Marvel don’t know about, but they do now,” Holland said to BBC. “These are big ones. I’ve got Tony Stark’s glasses. I tried to take a suit once, but it’s a little bit difficult to walk out of the set in a Spider-Man suit.”

Tom Holland as Spider-Man
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Best of all? He hasn’t even gotten in trouble for it!

“I haven’t so far, and they always make loads of them, because they break all the time,” he said. “I’m like, ‘Oh, I lost the Tony Stark glasses!’ They’re like, ‘You what?!’ And now they’re on my mantle piece.”

Marvel Studios may not know exactly how many props Holland has stolen in the years since he began playing the latest Peter Parker. And honestly, it doesn’t sound like we know everything Holland has taken from set either. But we can’t say we blame him — wouldn’t you take a souvenir or two if you played one of the most iconic Marvel super heroes?

Watch Tom Holland’s full interview with BBC below:


Spider-Man 3 hits theaters next year on July 16, 2021. So far we don’t know much about the film, but we’re definitely excited to report more news about it as soon as it’s released. Until then, we’ll be watching Tom Holland interviews every chance we get. we can all admit the guy is hilarious!

What would you do if you were in this Marvel actor’s shoes? If you played Spider-Man, would you take a web-shooter or two? Let us know what you think of this in the comments!

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