CONFIRMED: Landry’s Allegedly Lays Off All Workers, Closes Rainforest Cafe and More

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Rainforrest Cafe

EDIT: In an effort to keep our readers updated, we are continuing to follow this story. We have had confirmation from several sources about this employment issue.

We have the additional information  from Landry’sGolden Nugget Casino property. After reading this Inside The Magic article, an employee reached out to share his notice from the company with us.

It reads:

Team Members will not be terminated, but due to the closures most will be placed on immediate furlough. All team members with a loss of hours are encouraged to reach out to the state as soon as possible regarding the potential payment of unemployment benefits… We have made the decision to maintain benefits for those team members currently enrolled in our health plan and who have accepted and remain on furlough through June 30, 2020. 

However, at this time the Company is suspending use of PTO until further notice. Therefore, hourly team members may not request or use PTO until further notice. Any accrued hours will be available upon your return for future use. Should you choose to resign from employment during this time, in accordance with applicable laws, we will pay out accrued and unused PTO, and your benefits coverage (if any) will terminate at the end of this month, March 2020. Any Team Members who choose to resign will not be scheduled when operations resume and will need to reapply for any open positions, once available. 

Salaries team members who are placed on furlough will not receive pay during that time. Salaried team members on furlough will not be permitted to access e-mail or any other systems while off, and should not respond to any work-related calls. If any manager asks you to work or perform any tasks related to work while on furlough, please contact Human Recourses. 

It is our sincere hope that these changes will only be in place for a short time. We look forward to getting back to work soon with our valued Team Members. We hope that everyone stays healthy and safe during these times.


While the actual Rainforest battles deforestation, it’s possible that our beloved Rainforest Cafes at Walt Disney World, as well as T-Rex Cafe and Yak and Yeti, may go extinct. Facebook user Regina Gizzo, in what seems to be panic, has posted on her timeline that all Landry’s employees across the globe have been laid off without notice. Her announcement was made public so that fellow employees might have some notice of the potential crisis ahead.

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Tilman Fertitta, the owner of Landry’s Restaurants, has laid off all of his staff and employees during the Coronavirus pandemic to save his money and businesses from entirely going under. While we understand measured responses to the pandemic, leaving workers without notice and expecting them to file for unemployment seems to be a harsh move.

Twitter user @tranganhdong was seeking solidarity during these early moments of the unemployment crisis, finding fellow Landry’s restaurant workers without knowledge of what to do.

Likewise, Twitter user @ohyeahmikejones finds it hard to sympathize with Landry’s Restaurants and the property owner. LANGUAGE WARNING Emotions are running high at this time for what seems to be hundreds of people.

This man is worth 4.6 billion dollars and is doing NOTHING to help his employees right now. Boo fucking hoo. @TilmanJFertitta #landrys

— Michael Jones (@ohyeahmikejones) March 17, 2020

Landry’s restaurants have been trendy, with the brand growing over the years. The company has bought and sold several restaurants forty-year history, with properties such as Golden Nugget Casinos, Bubba Gump Shrimp Company, McCormick & Schmick’s, and The Boathouse, as well as our favorite bustling Disney restaurants. The only FORMAL  statement the company has made so far has been regarding the COVID-19 isolation period, having listed it on their website. This is not the first time Landry’s restaurants have had issues. A major credit card breach in January of 2020 made the news inside and outside Disney property.

“Landry’s is closely monitoring developments around the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) […]The bottom line is that we remain acutely vigilant about this serious crisis. We will continue to do everything we can to protect our employees and our customers, and to remain ready to serve our customers in the most appropriate fashion.”

We plan to update this article with any information as the story develops.

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