Cast Members Continue Contracting COVID, Causing Delays In Pay Requests

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disneyland resort cast members

Credit: Disney

The recent surge of the COVID-19 omicron variant has affected many. Not only has it caused the cancelations of thousands of flights, and continuing to do so, but it is affecting Cast Members at the Disney Parks as many are contracting the virus.

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disneyland cast member
Credit: Disney

Disneyland Cast Members, specifically, are becoming sick from COVID-19, resulting in them having to call out of work. And those Cast Members who have contracted the virus are eligible for pay for missed shifts over a two week period, with a confirmed case of COVID-19.

The Workers United Local 50, a Disneyland union, took to Facebook to share that with the new surge, Disney is facing a backlog of requests, causing delays.

The Workers United Local 50 Facebook post states:


As cast members continue to contract COVID-19 FT and CR cast are eligible for pay for missed shifts over a 2 week period with a confirmed case of COVID 19. To receive pay cast may be required to submit documentation. The Disney COVID team should submit all necessary forms and we recommend that cast request pay be submitted when talking with a Disney representative. Disney is aware that response time on COVID submissions on the HUB are delayed. The company is placing more resources to help with the problem. If you are able to call and wait through the hold times we recommend you do so. If you have other questions please contact the Union office directly (714 502 0220).

In solidarity,

Local 50

disneyland cast member
Credit: Disney

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At this time, Disneyland (nor Disney World) has made operational changes to the theme parks. If you plan on visiting Disneyland in the near future, make sure you familiarize yourself with the most up-to-date safety protocols by clicking here.

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