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Rain Forest Cafe Lay offs


  1. David Carcagente

    This is not “Allegedly” at all. It is fact. He is not allowing people to use their earned PTO, is still charging for the discount program that allows employees to drink soda on the clock and get discounts at his restaurants, and is not helping with insurance premiums at all. This is across his companies, including the Golden Nugget casino chain as well.

  2. Jackie

    Rumor has it: Landrys was going bankrupt in the long run i bet bc of finances etc this though is very sad!
    Btw i thought via napoli was too but i guess they separated??

  3. Rebel Porg

    This is not new rainforest always had financial issues thats why disney is the only one left!!! There use to be more elsewhere! Landrys always had an up down thought it was going bankrupt last time!

    1. NoIDontworkthere

      What? There are two rainforest cafes in the Houston area, at least one in the Dallas area, and numerous ones in other states. Disney does not have the only Rainforest Cafe? Check their website, there are plenty of locations.

      1. Cooties

        They are over priced freezer food. The Atlantic City location had roaches and management never knew how to do their job. Good riddance!!!

    2. Jesus Guajardo

      We have a rainforest on the Riverwalk too

      1. Bell o

        Those rainforest Cafe are franchised so the actual company, landry, doesn’t item them. These were the 2 directly owned. And this is true as I know ppl who worked and received pink slips.

  4. Restaurant employee

    None of this is true. I work at a landrys restaurant and I can tell you that they are doing everything to keep doors open. Some sites that are required to close are doing so with the intention to open again when allowed to do so. Stop spreading lies and hysteria.

    1. Harley

      Glad your all ok rainforest is a favorite of my family! Stay positive and everything through this!

    2. Stacey

      Of course they don’t want to close their doors. Due to restrictions in certain cities, many restaurants had to close their doors. Is Tillman putting a stop to the “discount program” that employees have to pay? No. There’s no PTO, no kind of benefits. Employees are just out of luck with no job and this billionaire won’t even help.

      1. Jason Padilla

        I work at yak and Yeti and we are all on leave of absence so we don’t get charged the dining plan. As far as vacation we will not receive that.

    3. Robert c Ashworth

      Witch one do you work at
      Disney springs??

      1. Darren

        Witch one of you know how to spell which?

    4. Adam campbell

      Very true. I work for landrys. I was told, literally, “we are closing, you are laid off, file for unemployment”

  5. Sheila

    I work for Landrys in Portland Oregon and we had to close our doors and every other bar and restaurant in our State because it was mandated by our Governor. We tried to keep our doors open. It had nothing to do with Tillman.

  6. Hector Ventura

    When your employer laids employees off they are to pay every penny they own to the employee, including any vacation acrued. They can not not laid people off and keep their money. Get in touch with a labor lawyer

  7. Carmine Crincoli


    This can’t be happening!

    I don’t like what’s going on! I just wanna enjoy some good foods at the different restaurants from Landry’s Restaurants like Rainforest Cafe, T-Rex Cafe, Yak and Yeti, Joe’s Crab Shack, etc.!

  8. In Galveston, we’re opening tomorrow, with tables being offered outdoors in our front entertainment area. Expect an enhanced entertainment experience, dining ON THE GULF! Entertainers will be in full force, and you will be able to order and bring your food to one of our safely spaced, outdoor tables. Entertainers will make this a once in a lifetime experience, not to be missed!

  9. JMH

    Tillman has still got to pay overhead cost , taxes , contracts ,still have to be paid. And he Will not get income on all the places closed. And as it stands right now no one knows how long it will be. And he is losing money more than you can imagine by the day. And he does more for Galveston and Houston then you could believe. So cut the BS.

    1. JC

      Why defend billionaires losing money? Who cares? Let’s help the people who need it at this time, like those who once this is over can’t afford their rent, or might die because their health insurance won’t pay for treatments they might need, physically and mentally. Billionaires will be fine without your help…

  10. Nona

    Savannah is open and they are doing everything they can for the employees. Dont believe one crazy person. Think about it…just 1 rental property cost a minimum of $15000 in rent and let’s times that by 500 concepts. Plus all the contracts that they cant get out of. The company is doing everything it can to keep doors open and employees working. We care about our staff and hate that this is happening. It is out of our control. Every manager is doing everything they can to take care of their staff…landrys is a big corporation…but each restaurant is a family. We are doing our best to help everyone.

  11. Don

    I work at Bubba Gumps in Ft. Lauderdale and we closed the doors since the beach is closed.

  12. Dan

    Tillman Fertitta is a piece of garbage and has made his living bullying and preying on the little guy. He deserves to go bankrupt, which is in the process of happening

    1. john


      1. John

        Tillman is the most greedy and most selfish person in the world to do this to his employees they are his bread and butter and screws them over again. I have had 1st hand experiences with the company and its bs. They have made mistakes in payroll before then after finding out they take money out of your check with some garbage of an excuse. The health insurance offered by the company costs a family over 12 grand a year how can one of the world’s largest restaurant company do that to its employees I know not paying enough in the system to make it. Affordable for there workers. There coo svp Keith bitler yells and cusses in conference calls and calls out staff and gets off on making them sound stupid in fact he calls them stupid and threats people with there jobs . talk about the most hostile work environment in the world he should get sued for what he does to people. They make you sign a form that if you have a problem with them you can’t get an attorney to represent you. You have to go in front of a mediator I wonder who is in charge of appointment of that person?? If you ever decide to quit and have unused vacation time make sure you use it because if you don’t and quit even with notice you get nothing. Thank you MR Tillman yours truly Marty Sherman

        1. Organizedchaos

          The thing is you’re given and able to use your vaca immediately without earning it therefore your vaca is given not earned so when you leave they dimply take it back and since it’s given it holds no value

  13. Kevin

    Hi Marty or John, I have the same experience as you did and got ran out by Keith 2 years ago after being GM of the year

  14. Family members being affected by Landry’s cut backs

    Landry’s is furloughing their managers with no PTO and not paying bonuses to salary managers from January or February that they earned before this all began! Some of those bonuses are $100-$1000 or more a month for managers! And now the managers they are leaving to work are going to begin getting HALF THEIR PAY! This is so disheartening that this company just doesn’t care about the well being of the people that work so hard for them, and in no way are helping to bail anyone out of what will most likely be a huge financial hole.

    1. John

      Exactly what I am saying a corrosive sad sack of a business to have worked for. They will take every damn dime from you and will tell you to your face if you like it get the hell out! Not surprised about bonuses not being paid, I have seen it before and from the words of Keith (COO) You ain’t getting yours if I am not getting mine! What a professional! Thank you Marty Sherman

  15. Tyler

    I also just heard that the salaried employees that are still being used, are only receiving half our their salary. If they choose furlough voluntarily, he will choose to no longer employ them.

    1. Anon

      Can confirm. We are at half salary and no bonus that we earned from 2 months ago.

  16. Brian

    2004 I was found to have cancer. After 5 years of working for Landrys. I had surgery and then chemo therapy. Landrys laid me off during chemo treatments. Not a company with a big heart.

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